A Wall Clock That Keeps You Safe?

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It’s not often you find a product that is both awesome and strange at the same time, however here we are. The Tactical Walls 1410 Wall Clock is a concealment clock with a quick access interior.

The clock is a 24 inch clock and is completely functional, however if you need to access the inside you just push in on the number 6 and the face rotates outwards to reveal the interior of the clock. You can also completely remove the face of the clock after pushing it in as well if you want.

Once you are inside of the clock, you will find a 14″ Wide by 10″ High compartment. You can put anything you want on the inside, however I’m sure most people will keep a firearm there. Although you want to keep in mind this is not a safe, and is not locked.


While there are already 2 different colors, and 3 choices for clockfaces you can also completely customize the face of the clock by submitting a hi-res image to Tactical Walls to have put onto the clock face.

This opens up a lot of fun possibilities.


The Tactical Walls clocks are a ton of fun, and would look great in most homes without anyone even knowing what they are.

I would definitely recommend checking them out on their website.

They do also have a ton of other products like the Issue Box, and the ModWall.

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