The All New 2020 Ford Explorer builds on an already awesome vehicle

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Ford has had the Explorer in it’s lineup since 1991, it was originally a body-on-frame SUV, however back in 2011 a huge moment happened. They switched it over to a crossover, front-wheel drive platform.

Ford Explorer's over the years
Yeah, definitely has gotten larger over the years [Image courtesy of Ford]

That said, it helped tremendously with comfort, handling, and over all excitement of the vehicle.

Now for the 2020 years, Ford has yet again reinvented the vehicle again. It may looks very similar, but the vehicle itself is very very different.

Ford Explorer Platinum
2020 Ford Explorer Platinum [Image courtesy of Ford]

So what is different about the 2020 Ford Explorer?

Quite a few things have been changed in the vehicle, let’s take a look at what that is!

  • The 2.3 Liter Ecoboost, 3.0 Liter Ecoboost, 3.3 standard, and the 3.3 Hybrid engine are all added to the lineup of engine choices. None of these were previously available.
  • 10 speed automatic is now standard on the vehicle.
  • One of the major changes, is the switch from being a front wheel drive vehicle with AWD option, it is now in 2020 a rear wheel drive vehicle with an AWD option.
  • Plenty of new paint options are added, like Atlas Blue and Iconic Silver.
  • 360 degree camera is now standard on the Limited, ST and Platinum trims.

There are of course many more changes, but these are just some of the coolest options available.

Ford Explorer Interior
The 2020 Explorer has a vertical display screen [Image courtesy of Ford]

So what are the specs?

Alright, so anyone that enjoys cars asks what the specs are.

  • The base model starts at 300 horsepower with 310 pound feet of torque, with it maxing out at 400 horsepower and 415 pound feet of torque in the ST trim.
  • 4 wheel disc brakes all around the vehicle.
  • Base model tows 5,300 pounds.


I have always really liked the Explorer. Since it switched to the crossover platform in 2011 it has driven awesome, the aesthetics are great, and it just works well. With the 2020 year, it is only getting better. Plus, we get to have a very nice Lincoln Aviator out of the deal, can’t complain about that.

Of course, if this is too tame. You might want to take a look at a Mustang, or the new 2020 F-350 Tremor.

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