5 Things That Make The 2020 Toyota Highlander A Great Family Vehicle

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Toyota Recently launched the newest Highlander for the 2020 year, and it is extremely nice. It is slowly moving up market, and is full of a lot of great features.

While it may also be moving up in price, it is still perfect for families, and is also a cool looking vehicle for the parents.

I’m hoping to hear to shed some light on some great features that make this a great family vehicle!

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

1. Third Row Access Is Extremely Easy To Access

There are three ways you can move the second row of seats to gain access to the back. 

Firstly, there is the standard lever next to the door on the seat, this is perfect for those gaining access to the back by the outside. The seat pushes forward, and leans forward all in one motion.

Secondly, there is a lever on the top of the back of the seat, this is great for those needing to get out of the back of the vehicle. This one lever also easily moves the seat forward, and leans forward in one motion, just like the other.

Finally, there is a lever on the front side of the bottom of the seat that will just move the seat forward, and not lean forward. This allows people to access the back, even if there is a child’s seat in the second row.

2. There are built in sun blinds in the rear second row windows

On some of the Highlander’s trim levels, there is a blind that you can roll up from the interior of the side windows. 

This is great for keeping the sun out of children in car seat’s faces, or just for anyone sitting in the back that doesn’t want so much sun on them.

Having this feature is rare in a mid-size crossover, so it is definitely welcome!

3. There are four cup holders in the third row

You can never have too many cup holders! Especially when children are in the back. I mean, Toyota didn’t make a new size of Dr Pepper or anything though

4. There is significant room in the back of the Highlander

Unlike most crossovers in the mid-size segment, there is plenty of room in the back of the back of the third row. This is great for families that actually use their third row.

Don’t need to use the third row at the moment? It’s easy and a simple one step process to put those third rows down.

Also as a bonus, the back of the the third row seats, as well as the cargo space are covered in plastic instead of carpet. Perfect for dogs!

5. The gauge cluster shows which seats are buckled

If you have ever gotten frustrated with figuring out if all of your kids are buckled up, Toyota has you covered. In the gauge cluster, you will find that there is an icon showing which seats are and are not buckled up. 

This keeps you from having to turn around and do a visual check every time you want to make sure your kids are safe.

Now I’m sure there are ways to trick this system… but it’s nice to have!


I really do like the Toyota Highlander, and even more so in 2020 with the completely new design. It looks great, and is extremely functional.

It is great to see that this is an awesome alternative to full-size SUVs, and Minivans, by adding some of the features (including unmentioned wifi) you would expect in an SUV that works well for families.

You can make it one more generation of vehicles without buying a minivan!

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