7 Types of Flashlights You Need From Browning

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When someone mentions a flashlight, you generally think about the standard one that gets lost in your junk drawer or under the seat of your car.

However, when you get a minute to think about it, you remember there are quite a few others that can be there with you exactly when you need it.

Now, even better, you can get all the different types you may need, straight from Browning. Let’s go through those types!

Standard Flashlight

Browning standard flashlight
[Image Courtesy of Browning]

This iconic design can be used for pretty much anything. It can be used when out walking, hunting, or working on cars at night.

However, due to its ability to be good at anything, it also is limited at being perfect for everything.

Browning Headlamps

Headlamps are lights that go on your forehead
[Image courtesy of Browning]

As the first of the specialty flashlights that Browning offers. These headlamps are perfect for going out bicycling at night.

They are also great for working on cars at night (better than the regular flashlight) as they will point exactly where you are looking at any point in time.

One downside to these flashlights, is that they are difficult to get up and around things, as it is stuck to your forehead.

Spotlights by Browning

Spotlights are super bright
[Image Courtesy of Browning]

Spotlights are perfect for emergency situations, or just for around your campsite. They are super bright, and generally have a pistol grip for ergonomics.

These do prove to be bulky, so they are generally out if you plan on taking them hiking, putting them into a backpack, or need something lighter like walking the dog.

Cap Lights

Cap lights are for clipping to your baseball cap
[Image courtesy of Browning]

The cap light is much like the earlier headlamp, however they are smaller, and clip directly onto your hat.

This makes for a more compact, easier to use headlamp that you can easily put in your pocket when not in use.

Due to needing to be put on a cap, it does become limited as you can’t use it whenever you aren’t wearing your hat, and they don’t tend to be quite as bright as other options.

Keychain Lights

Keys will never be as convenient
[Image courtesy of Browning]

These lights are smaller lights that fit on your keys. They are perfect for when you are in a pinch and need to light up the situation.

They will go with you wherever your keys do.

Downsides are that they aren’t super bright, and are attached to your keys, so not perfect for every situation.

Pen Lights by Browning

Pen lights are a small profile flashlight
[Image courtesy of Browning]

These pen lights are great for keeping at your desk, or in your pocket for that quick use. They are very similar to the standard flashlight at the top of the list, just in a much smaller profile.

Downsides of the pen light is that it doesn’t tend to be super bright.


[Image courtesy of Browning]

You can never go wrong with having a lantern in your flashlight collection. These may not be perfect for long distance illumination, however they make up for it in ease of transportation, and giving consistent light throughout a campsite or area.


Browning has some great products in its lineup. I’m a huge fan of these flashlights, much like I am of their gun safes (review of their Sporter Series here).

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