Are gun safe dehumidifiers supposed to be hot?

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For many, if not all people, a dehumidifier is a must for a gun safe. There are desiccant, rod style, and many other different types of dehumidifiers that are purpose built for gun safes. However the dehumidifier rod is probably the most popular way to keep a gun safe free of condensation. However many people find that their dehumidifier rod is hot.

So are gun safe dehumidifier rods supposed to be hot? Dehumidifier rods in particular are designed to heat up. This is so that it can ever so slightly raise the temperature of the interior of the safe to the point that condensation doesn’t form, and settle onto firearms, resulting in rust, corrosion, or even mold.

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Why do they heat up?

Dehumidifier rods heat up to around 150 degrees, which according to Safe and Lock Store is the perfect temperature to allow for air flow in a safe that is otherwise, almost airtight.

When you get airflow, and some heat, condensation isn’t able to settle down the bottom of the safe. Rather it continues to stay in the air.

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If a safe sits too long without any airflow, you can find pitting on your firearms, damp surfaces within the safe, and even mold all over the carpeting of the safe.

Best practices are to always have some sort of dehumidifier in your safe at any time.

Dehumidifiers that don’t heat up

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Of course, not everyone wants to have something that heats up within their safe, and if this is an issue you have with your current unit, or are shopping for an alternative there are some great options.

These options include desiccant, and cordless units. Below are a couple links to those products!

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Why do you want a dehumidifier that heats up?

Now you may be asking yourself why you would even want one that heats up? This is mainly because the rods are incredibly efficient at what they do.

They are something that you can leave in your safe and not think about again! The other options either need recharged, or replaced regularly, meaning you have to keep track of that.


A dehumidifier is incredibly important for your safe! Dehumidifier rods in particular do heat up, and nothing is wrong with your unit if it is warm or even hot to the touch.

It may be warm, but it’s keeping your valuables that much safer!

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