Are Steel Gun Safes Fireproof?

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You see it all the time, gun safe manufacturers will talk about how fireproof their safes are, and talk about the amount of time it can withstand a fire. So you have to ask yourself, are gun safes really fireproof?

All gun safes, no matter what brand (even the huge expensive ones) are completely fireproof. After a long enough amount of time in a hot enough fire, a gun safe will get too hot.

This obviously means they are not fireproof, as they have a failure point.

A better way of describing really any safe, no matter what price range is “fire resistant”.

Are gun safes fireproof
[Image of safe courtesy of Browning]

So what about safes that don’t have fireproofing on the inside?

So are “just” steel safes fire resistant then? Many safes don’t have any form of concrete filling or drywall, and are just steel.

Just because of this steel, it does give a form of fire rating. Just not much of it… steel does conduct heat, so if no fire resistant material is included in the safe, it will heat up quickly and destroy anything inside.

However less so than if it was directly in the fire.

Want a fire rated safe?

Many people that are looking for a steel only safe are looking for it because they are trying to save money.

If this sound like you, but you do want a fire rating, check out Stealth Tactical’s UL Series. They are a great value.


So basically, no safe is truly fireproof. They are really just fire resistant! Make sure to decide if you need fireproofing, and how much!

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