This Coffee Maker Alarm Clock Even Keeps Your Milk Cold

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While difficult to pronounce, the Barisiuer is a an alarm clock that is reminiscent of a record player, however brews coffee instead of playing music. Take a look at this Barisieur review to see why it is one of the coolest Alarm Clocks, and coffee maker out there.

Barisieur in brown
The Barisiuer looks great in the living room [Image courtesy of Barisiuer]

Taking it to the basics, this alarm clock provides everything you will need to make the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, even before you wake up. It has alarm clock functions, that when it goes off, it starts the coffee maker, and then you get to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning.

Now, on the not so basic level, the Barisieur is a work of art!

Design was in the forefront of the creation of the product. The designer Joshua Renouf invented the product while still in college, and after introducing it to the world, it went viral, even to the point he had a successful meeting with Richard Branson. You know, the guy that is trying to send people to space? Yeah, that guy.

Now, as they continue to grow the Barisiuer can be found in places like Audi, Four Seasons Hotel, and more!

Coffee maker with accessories
While compact, it has everything you need to make coffee right there [Image courtesy of Barisieur]

So what is so great about the Barisiuer?

The Barisiuer is able to brew coffee and tea

The Barisiuer makes a great cup of coffee and tea. You can either choose to have the drink made at a specific time, or you can set it to brew on demand.

The brew style is much like a pour over coffee maker.

Coffee maker from above
This coffee maker kinda looks like a serving tray from above, and can actually be used as one [Image courtesy of Barisiuer]

It refrigerates your milk.

Alright, so most people drink milk in their coffee. However if you have an alarm clock at your bedside that makes coffee, the last thing you want to do is go into the kitchen get milk… as it would ruin the experience.

They have thought of that! This alarm clock will even refrigerate a small amount of milk for you over night.

The Barisiuer will even keep your milk cold
[Image courtesy of Barisiuer]

Alarm clock functionality

Of course it is also an alarm clock. Stink on those “cool” clocks that display on the ceiling. This clock makes you coffee.

It makes coffee pretty quickly

This clock will brew your coffee in about 3-5 minutes at around 201.2 degrees ferenheight (94 celsius).

Coffee maker making coffee
It is cool to watch the water boil and make it’s way into the grounds [Image courtesy of Barisieur]

Pros of the Barisiuer

  • Gives you an experience unlike any other coffee maker out there.
  • Can use your own coffee or tea. Doesn’t use pods like many other single serve coffee makers.
  • Can be used in the kitchen or bedroom, as it fits in anywhere due to it’s design.
  • Looks awesome!
  • Great conversation starter.
Coffee maker in the kitchen
This coffee maker looks great in any kitchen [Image courtesy of Barisiuer]

Cons of the Barisiuer

  • While it is meant to be an alarm clock, this will likely replace the normal coffee maker. With this only being a single serve coffee maker, it isn’t as versatile as other coffee makers.
  • Rather high up there on price.

Who is the Barisiuer intended for

Due to the above pros and cons, this device is obviously not meant for everyone. You can pick up a coffee maker these days for under $10 and most people will never know the difference.

This coffee maker / alarm clock is more meant for those who enjoy slowing down in the morning a drinking that first cup of coffee.

It is for those who like to just relax, and soak in the sunlight before your feet hit the floor.

While the price point is quite high for one of these, I can very much see why they have been so successful in the market.

Full coffee cup
While a simple design, it is highly effective [Image courtesy of Bari


I have talked quite a bit about this coffee maker, and that it has a higher price point. At a starting cost of $445.00 it hits pretty hard, however I highly believe that the value is there for those that this is meant for.

If you want to buy one of these for yourself or another person that enjoys coffee, or just want to learn more than what is in this Barisieur review make sure to look more into the product on Barisiuer’s website.

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