Best Coffee Maker At Walmart In 2023 [For Every Budget]

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Having the right coffee maker is imperative to a great cup of coffee. That said, did you know that Walmart has a huge amount of coffee makers both in store, as well as online?

Here are what I believe to be the best coffee maker at Walmart at each price point.

coffee maker at walmart
[Coffee Maker image courtesy of Chemex]

1. Under $50 – Chemex 10 Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

[Image courtesy of Chemex]

You really can’t go wrong with a Chemex! In the under $50 range, you really want to spend your money on the flavor of coffee you are going to get for your dollar.

If you start spending under $50 on a standard electric drip coffee maker, you won’t be getting the flavors that you really want. The Chemex will get you flavors that would take a much more expensive electric unit to achieve.

2. Under $100 – PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

It’s not often I would recommend a standard coffee maker that doesn’t do both large quantities, as well as single serve. However this product has over 3000 reviews on it with 4.5 stars.

I haven’t looked too much into this unit, however they must be doing something right. In this price range, I would probably buy this one.

3. Under $150 – Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

[Video courtesy of Ninja Kitchen]

This coffee maker is actually the newer version of the one I personally own and use on a daily basis.

It has so many different functions, and the new version here has a fold out milk frother!

I have really enjoyed my Ninja Coffee Bar, but wouldn’t mind upgrading to this one at some point.

It’s also great, because you can make both single serve, and large quantities.

This choice is one of my favorites and is a best coffee maker at Walmart.

4. Under $200 – Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System Coffee Maker

Yep, thats right! The upgraded version of the other Ninja Coffee Bar above! This more expensive system looks different, but functions very similarly to the other.

Main difference? It includes a cold brew setting. This makes it super easy to make, and enjoy cold brew!


In the end, getting the right coffee maker is completely up to you. These are the ones I personally would purchase, and I enjoy coffee makers that allow for multiple ways to make coffee, or ones that focus on giving great flavor.

Some people may just want a coffee maker that makes a pot of coffee and keep it warm! Everyone has their thing.

Want to learn about different types of coffee makers, and where to look for them? Read my buyers guide, it talks more about purchasing one, than it does about making coffee!

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