TOP 4 Best Gun Safes at North 40 Outfitters [MUST READ]

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North 40 is a growing outfitters store based out of the Inland Northwest of the USA. They carry gun safes from a couple different manufacturers like Liberty, and Rhino Safes. Let’s take a look at the gun safes I recommend for any budget.

Best Gun Safes at North 50 Outfitters

1. Under $200 – Liberty HD-100

I have always been a fan of Liberty hand gun vaults, and let’s be honest, they are pretty much the biggest gun safe manufacturer out there.

For under $200 the HD-100 gives a great product. It has 18 gauge steel, a lighted interior, and a 4 digit electronic lock, it will keep your firearm safe.

Liberty HD-100
[Image courtesy of Liberty]

2. Under $1000 – Kodiak 32 Gun

Kodiak is a foreign manufactured Rhino Metals product. The safe has a 40 minute fire rating, has a respectable 8 bolts, and is over all a decent safe.

Keep in mind, this is still in the entry level safe category, so don’t expect it to compare to the more expensive safes. This would be a great safe for someone starting out.

I did a quick search for competitors pricing, and with shipping the rest of the retailers tend to be more expensive. However North 40 only offers in store pickup, so make sure to keep that in mind when shopping around.

3. Under $2000 – Freedom Security Eagle 35 Safe

While this may not be labelled a Liberty product. It is. From what I can tell it is a rebranded Franklin series, of which after a quick search retails for a couple hundred dollars more than this one.

If you are searching for a Franklin Series safe, this might be that better option. You will still have that Liberty quality, at a lower price.

4. Under $3000 – Rhino Ironworks® CIWD6040X Gun Safe

The Ironworks series of Rhino Metals safes are really cool, there is no way around that. They also are strong, and made right here in the USA.

It has an 85 minute fire rating, 12 gauge steel, a lifetime warranty, and is 790 pounds.

After a quick search, competitors out there have this safe as a couple hundred dollars. So again, if you can get this safe from North 40 to your home, then this would be a great value by not paying for the shipping that you have to pay elsewhere.


North 40 Outfitters, while not having a huge amount of selection on gun safes, does offer some of the best out there. Any of the safes on this list would be worth taking a look at.

Don’t live near a North 40? Maybe take a look at what Rural King has.

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