Top 10 Best Gun Safes on Amazon (Pistol Safes & Cabinets)

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As a massive powerhouse of e-commerce products, this retailer offers tons of different products to buy, including gun safes. However, with hundreds (and hundreds) of gun safes on this marketplace, it can be challenging to sift through the junk to find the gems. I aim to help you with that, and find the best gun safes on this site, to help you make the right purchase.

Why should you trust me? I have years of experience talking directly with people who own safes and build safes, and of course, my own experience with safes to find the best products. I created this list because I know the difference between a brand trying to take advantage of you and one genuinely making a great safe. These are all made by brands I trust and have experience with. Want to learn more about me? It would be best to read this article here.

At a Glance

  1. Editor’s Choice: Vaultek VS10i Smart Safe
  2. Best Budget Long Gun Storage: SecureIt Fast Box Model 40
  3. Best Full-Size Gun Safe: Steelwater AMHD593024-EMP
  4. Best Versatile Safe: Vaultek Lifepod
  5. Best Gun Cabinet: SecureIt Agile Model 52
Editor's Choice

1. Vaultek VS10i Smart Safe

  • Lock: Biometric, Keypad, Key, Nano Key, Phone
  • Dimensions: 2.12" High by 10.5" Wide by 8.5" Deep
  • Steel: 18-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Many ways to access the safe
  • High-quality
  • Compact sizing
  • Costly
  • Thinner steel
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The VS10i is THE BEST smart safe on this site and overall. I had years of experience with its predecessor, the VT10i; this newest version builds on its innovative features with an updated application, Bluetooth 2.0, and updated Nano Key 2.0 compatibility.

While this safe may not have the thickest steel (18-gauge), it makes up for it by being extremely quick to access with plenty of options, including your phone (via application, which can be utilized anywhere with a data connection), keypad, biometric, nano key, and physical key.

The unit is exceptionally high quality and backed by one of my favorite companies (Vaultek). I have recommended this company and this safe for years, and it continues to stand.

Best Budget Long Gun Storage

2. SecureIt Fast Box Model 40

  • Lock: Electronic lock
  • Dimensions: 6.5" High by 40" Wide by 13” Deep
  • Steel: 16-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 33
  • Compact size, allows for keeping under your bed
  • High quality build, at a great price
  • Extremely usable
  • Won't fit longer firearms
  • Thinner steel gauge
See Price: Fast Box 40
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If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet high-quality safe on this site that can fit some long guns, then the Model 40 by SecureIt is an excellent option. At 40″ in length, you can generally do longer guns, and they are easily accessible with high-quality locking mechanisms. 

While this is a basic safe, it works well underneath your bed and is built by one of the most reputable companies out there right now. I am a massive fan of SecureIt, and they do look out for their customers.

It doesn’t have the thickest steel, so if that concerns you, you should look elsewhere (maybe the Fort Knox PB1 lower on this list).

Best Full-Size Gun Safe

3. Steelwater AMHD593024-EMP

  • Lock: Electronic Lock or Biometric Lock
  • Dimensions: 59" High 30" Wide by 24" Deep
  • Steel: 9-gauge
  • Fire Rating: 120 mins at 1875 degrees
  • Weight: 765 pounds
  • Impressive steel gauge
  • Class-leading fire rating
  • Optional biometric lock
  • Very basic interior
  • Imported safe
See Price: AMHD593024-EMP
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If you are looking for a full-size safe from the largest retailer in the USA, this is the safe I opt for. An impressive 120-minute fire rating, paired with 9-gauge steel, makes it a formidable safe that goes head-to-head with safes sold at specialty retailers.

That said, outside of the abovementioned features, it is a generic gun safe with a standard interior, basic design, and elements found in most other safes. But for the price, it is a fantastic value.

Best Versatile Safe

4. Vaultek Lifepod

  • Dimensions: 2.25" High by 7" Wide by 10.25" Deep
  • Steel: N/A
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Water Resistance: 3 feet for 30 minutes
  • Extremely portable
  • Water resistant
  • High quality build
  • Not extremely theft proof
See Price: Lifepod 2.0
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The Lifepod is meant to be a versatile safe, just as great as a handgun safe, as it is safe to take to the beach or on a hike.

While it may not be made of metal, it does offer a lockable space that can be tethered via a cable. This is also the only safe on this list that is water resistant, dustproof, airtight, and floats on top of the water.

The safe has a smaller space for storage; however, its portability and versatility outweigh that. They have even released a biometric version for quicker access.

5. Konig Home

  • Lock: Keypad, Fingerprint, RFID
  • Dimensions: 2.7" High by 10" Wide by 11.6" Deep
  • Steel: N/A (Aluminum)
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: ‎5.63 pounds
  • It looks high-end, and high quality
  • Many ways to access the safe
  • No phone access
  • Anchor cable not included
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While it has gone through plenty of name iterations (GunBox 2.0, GunBox Guardian, Konig 1.0, and now Konig Home), it doesn’t change the fact that this is a fantastic smart safe. 

I did a comprehensive review when it was called the Konig 1.0, which you can read right here; however, for the sake of brevity, it is an aluminum safe that offers biometric, RFID, and keypad access! It auto opens via gas struts and is, by far, one of the best-styled safes in the gun safe industry.

While the safe may not have phone access like the Vaultek at the top of this list, it goes head-to-head with it. This will be your best option if you prefer to get into your safe with RFID rather than your phone.

Best Gun Cabinet

6. SecureIt Agile Ultralight Model 52

  • Lock: Electronic Lock w/ Key Bypass
  • Dimensions: 52” High by 20.25" Wide by 15.25" Deep
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Steel: 14 gauge
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • The BEST Interior of any gun safe on the market
  • High quality build
  • Lock works very well
  • Thinner steel
  • Smaller capacity
See Price: Agile Model 52 Read Full Review
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. [Image courtesy of SecureIt Gun Storage]

This safe shows up constantly on this site, as it is one of the best values on the market. While it may only have 14-gauge steel, it makes up for it by being a modular safe (installed in pieces) and having one of the most flexible interiors possible.

You can easily adjust the interior to have one firearm, with the rest being storage, to having the complete interior fitted for guns only (quick access).

It also has a high build quality and a tremendous electronic locking mechanism. Its primary drawbacks are its lack of a fire rating and its lighter steel gauge.

Best Heavy-Duty Handgun Safe

7. Fort Knox Original Pistol Box (PB1)

  • Lock: Simplex Mechanical Lock
  • Dimensions: 4.5" High 12.5" Wide by 10.37" Deep
  • Steel: 9-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • High quality build
  • Very thick steel
  • Fantastic non-electronic push button lock
  • Extremely heavy
  • Very reliable
See Price: Fort Knox PB1
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This Fort Knox PB1 is my go-to for a reliable, thick steel gauge gun safe. With 9-gauge steel, and a Simplex Push-button lock, it may be low on features, but it does precisely what you want regarding security. Outside of its thick steel gauge, the Simplex Lock is its standout feature, as it gives you the capabilities of an electronic lock but doesn’t have batteries.

Fort Knox is one of the best gun safe brands on the market, and they back their products up with a fantastic warranty and make all of them in the USA (in Utah).

Quick Access Full-Size Safe

8. Kodiak KSB5940EX-SO by Rhino Metals

  • Lock: Electronic Lock
  • Dimensions: 59" High 40" Wide by 23" Deep
  • Steel: 12-gauge
  • Fire Rating: 60 mins at 1400 degrees
  • Weight: 720 pounds
  • Thick steel gauge for the price
  • Great, Mid-Range Fire Rating
  • Cool, distressed finish
  • Swing-out rack is included
  • Is an imported safe
  • Non-customizable interior
See Price: Kodiak KSB5940EX-SO
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While Rhino Metal offers high-end USA-made gun safes, this is one of their entry-level import safes! That said, it is still an impressive feat of engineering for the price. With 12-gauge steel, a 60-minute fire rating, and a distressed finish, including it on this list is a breeze.

It also includes Rhino’s swingout rack, which rotates up to 13 firearms outwards for quick access. Pair this with a name-brand locking mechanism (SecuRAM); you have an impressive safe.

I have been a fan of Rhino for quite some time, and this is one of my favorites.

Best Handgun Retention Device

9. Stopbox Quick Access Lock Box

  • Lock: Proprietary Mechanical Lock
  • Dimensions: 2" High by 10.75" Wide by 7.25" Deep
  • Steel: N/A (ABS Plastic)
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Extremely quick access
  • Lock works very well
  • Easy to transport
  • Shouldn't be left alone
  • Can't tether it to anything
See Price: Stopbox Read Full Review
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The StopBox is less of a safe and more of a quick access box. While it is made of ABS Plastic, it has a unique locking mechanism that allows for almost instantaneous access to the safe. I have had a chance to own one of these for years (read the full review here), and it is a unique take on firearm storage.

That said, it does everything it advertises to do and does it well. You can quickly enter the safe; it has a good storage area and is exceptionally lightweight. This generally will be utilized as a go-between for your vehicle gun safe and your full-size safe at home.

Best Nightstand Safe

10. Rhino Longhorn Nightstand LNS2618

  • Lock: Electronic Lock
  • Dimensions: 26” High by 20" Wide by 18" Deep
  • Fire Rating: 40 mins at 1400 degrees
  • Steel Gauge: 14 gauge
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Actually looks like a nightstand
  • Decent fire rating and steel gauge
  • Backed by a reputable company
  • Distressed finish styling
  • Distressed finish doesn't work for everyone
  • Could have better steel gauge
See Price: Rhino LNS2618
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If you are hunting for new nightstands for your bedroom, you should get one that is safe! While the distressed finish isn’t for everyone, it is a high-quality, fire-rated safe with reasonably thick 14-gauge steel.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Rhino is one of my favorite brands, offering excellent warranties and great customer service. This nightstand is a unique option and is one of the few quality safes that look like a nightstand on the market.

What should you keep an eye out for when shopping for gun safes on Amazon?

As a retailer that allows just about anyone to sell items on the platform, there are bound to be some issues when you shop for a gun safe that you need to rely on at a moment’s notice. Here are those things!

1. No-Name Brands

It is straightforward to import and white label a gun safe, especially a handgun safe. Why do so many handgun safes out there look the same? That’s because they are. These brands are looking to capitalize on the security market and the need for more knowledge that most consumers have. 

These safes are generally not tested by that specific brand, and they need to be made aware of what features it genuinely have. That is why I would only purchase a gun safe from a well-known brand (like what you see on the list above), and the only way you can know what brands are well-known is with experience (which, thankfully, I have).

2. False or Overembleshed specifications

The best way to sell more products is to make your product better than a competitor’s. However, as we just learned, most safes are copies of each other, so the only way to stand out is to over-embellish their features. Let’s set the records straight:

  1. There is no such thing as a fireproof safe – every safes fire rating will fail at some point.
  2. There is no such thing as a waterproof safe – anything with a seam (such as a door) will let water in at some point.
  3. 18-gauge steel is not heavy-duty – No matter what you want to say, this is a similar steel gauge to a garage cabinet.
  4. 1″ Locking Bolts – You will see the size of a locking bolt regularly touted as massive; however, it is connected to a fragile piece of metal inside the door. Don’t pay attention to these specs.
  5. Gun capacity – I rarely discuss gun capacities, as this only counts the notches on the racks. Anyone can add more, regardless of whether a firearm fits in it. Only a few brands can fit the capacity they claim (SecureIt and Browning are two great options).

Final Thoughts

This massive retailer may have quite a few less-than-quality products; however, there are quite a few gems if you know where to look. I hope that I was able to help you out on your journey toward finding a fantastic firearm storage solution for you!

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