Top 10 Best High End Gun Safes In the USA

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There are so many different gun safes out there right now. These can be cheap, mid-range, or even expensive. However for those that just can’t get away with something that is just a value oriented product, there are always the best of the best high end gun safes on the market for those.

You will find many high end gun safe manufacturers that you probably already know, as well as some you may not know, like Graffunder Safes.

Here are my recommended high end gun safes, that will get you the best security for whatever items you so choose!

1. Fort Knox Legend

[Image courtesy of Fort Knox]

At the top of my list, is one of my favorite companies! Not only do they make some great entry level gun safes, but they go all the way up to some of the best of the best high end gun safes on the market.

Yep, I’m talking about The Legend. This behemoth of a safe comes with every option, and is the Rezvani (Google it) of the gun safe world. Clean, classy, but you ain’t going to get past this thing.

This series of safe has 28 bolts keeping the door secured, with those bolts being worked by Fort Knox’s crazy 55 rack and pinion door system. You should also keep in mind that 4 of those 28 bolts are corner bolts, meaning even if you thought you could get a pry bar in those corners, they aren’t going anywhere.

They didn’t stop there though, you have to have steel right? The Legend comes standard with a massive ¼ inch of outer steel, and then an upgraded 10 gauge layer of stainless steel to keep from cutting torch and grinding wheel attacks, then not to be outdone, they add another layer of 10 gauge AR500 bulletproof steel (yep, bulletproof).

As for the Aesthetics, you have the massive catalog of options that Fort Knox offers on their other safes like tons of paint options, interior configurations, carpeting, and so much more.

So what will this all cost you? The smallest, and simplest version of the safe (The Legend 6637) starts at around $16,000. Meanwhile the largest, and optioned out version (The Legend 7241) can start at over $21,000 and can reach over $23,000 with options.

Although like many things in life, you get what you pay for.

2. Graffunder Safes F-Rated Safes

I think everyone would be disappointed to not see this manufacturer high up on this list, and talked about the most! Graffunder has a huge reputation in the business for being the best of the best. When you don’t know what safe you need, and don’t have a budget, this is what you buy.

What sets these guys apart, is their security first, aesthetics second style of safes. Their top-line trim (of course they have lower versions) has 1” steel on the outside, with a 14, and another 16 gauge liner of steel on the inside.

Just so you are aware, the Fort Knox above is a ¼” with a 10 gauge stainless, so this is a ridiculous step up in steel thickness.

They then fill those walls with a cement mixture for added security against saw attacks, as well as to maintain a one hour fire rating.

This safe takes a bit of a different route when it comes to door bolts, and surrounds the door with extremely strong 8 to 10 bolts (depending on the size of the safe).

Finally, if you spend some time looking at the safes on their website, you will probably notice the ridiculously tight door gaps. Door gaps may not always tell you who is the best manufacturer, but it does show an attention to detail, and Graffunder has some of the smallest.

3. Vault Pro American Eagle

This company is what I would consider a mixture of the previous two manufacturers! They bring crazy amounts of steel, with small door gaps, and customization to the industry in a way no one else does.

Want something 100% unique? Vault Pro can make it for you.

They even hire artists to come in and paint your safe, in whatever way you want.

The highest end version of their gun safes is called the American Eagle Series safes, and offers ¼” body construction, with a 2 hour fire rating.

4. Browning Platinum

[Image courtesy of Browning]

I think if any normal person has done some research, they likely have stumbled upon the high end version of Browning Safes. Yes, I’m talking about the Browning Platinum safes.

These safes feature 7 gauge steel, 28 bolts, two tone paint, and can reach almost 2000 pounds.

The Platinum safes really area sight to see with all the boltwork, a wooden interior and of course my favorite interior layout of any gun safe out there today, the Axis Interior (yes I have a whole article talking about just an interior of a gun safe).

Anyways, if you are looking for a great safe, you should definitely have this one on your shortlist. If you buy it, you should get it with the black cherry color, it looks great.

Browning has also put together an awesome safe builder on their site, where you can customize your own, and get a quote for your safe. You can find that here for this safe!

5. Liberty Safe National Magnum

[Image courtesy of Liberty]

It’s not often I say a safe that starts at $4599 is a cheap safe, however Liberty’s top of the line National Magnum somehow is considered that on this list.

Just because it’s one of the lower cost options on this list, doesn’t make it a lower end contender though.

It features a massive 2.5 hour fire rating, and 7 gauge steel, plenty for most people looking for a high end safe.

With it’s off center locking mechanism, it also has an extremely unique styling.

You can’t forget about the extras though! It comes with LED lighting, electric outlet kit, jewelry drawer, and so much more.

Want to learn more about Liberty Safes? Here is a great article we put together about that.

6. Rhino Metals Ironworks AIW

Yes, yes I know Rhino metals is probably more in the middle market of gun safes, however I really wanted to add them to this list, because they are just so cool.

Their Ironworks top of the line AIW safes are an impressive feat of engineering, and give a great mixture of aesthetics (distressed styling) and security.

Of course they are only 10 gauge steel (which is lower in comparison to the competition), but they make up for it by offering a lot of other features like ball bearing drill plates, re-lockers, and high end locking mechanisms.

The fire rating is one of the best on this list at 130 minutes ( 2 hours 10 minutes), and is achieved with a fireboard in all walls. 

7. Amsec RF Safes

You can always tell when a gun safe should be taken seriously, by when they walls are completely filled with concrete, rather than fireboard.

You can also tell when something is an extremely serious safe, when its name is followed up by a TL30x6 designation.

This means the company went through the trouble (and cost) to have their safes completely tested against tool attacks. In this case the RF series was test on all 6 sides to be able to withstand 30 minutes of tool attacks on all 6 sides of the safe without breaking in.

The RF safe is not kidding at all with its 6” wide doors, and 3” wide walls.

With a 120 minute fire rating that is achieved with cement, it also is one of the few safes on this list where I really do believe it when it claims it.

It is claimed that this is the only TL30x6 gun safe on the market today, and  from what I have seen, I believe it.

8. Inkas Saturn UL TL30×6 Safe

Wait, you are telling me you have never heard of Inkas? Well, I guess I can’t blame you. They are actually a Canadian brand that sells here in the USA as well.

The company is much more well known for making heavily armored cars, for example this heavily armored 2020 Lincoln Navigator that you should definitely look at.

While they don’t have a huge range of gun safes, all of their safes can have custom interiors built for them, so I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Much like the Amsec above that we talked about, these safes have the same TL30x6 rating, meaning a tool attack for 30 minutes on all six sides.

They also use a cement walled fire and security rating, and actually have glass relockers on the inside of the door (yes, like in the movies).

These awesome safes need a lot more attention in the USA.

9. Sun Welding Vault Safes

This is another great USA made gun safe manufacturer that builds a safe exactly to the way you want.

Their highest end Vault safe offers a ½” solid steel plate door, and a ¼” exterior body steel, both of which are incredibly impressive numbers for a safe that starts at just over $4000.

These safes are also incredibly customizable, and you can add whatever you would like to the front, inside, and what steel you can have on the safe.

They have upgradable fire ratings, locks, pull handles, and door organizers.

If you are looking for a high end gun safe, but are on a budget, this probably is the safe for you.

10. Champion Safes Untouchable Series

Ahh yes, the final of the major gun safe manufacturers that include Liberty, Fort Knox, and Browning.

Champion Safes is the smaller of the major gun safe companies, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the best.

They offer multiple awesome safes, but their top of the line version is called the Untouchable. This massive safe has glass relockers, ¼” steel walls, ½” door (with an extra 10 gauge liner), and so much more.

My favorite part of this safe is it’s multi-step door that offers not only pry protection, but also helps with smoke repellent. 

Upsides of high end safes

Downsides of high end safes

What makes a good high end safe?


Where would a good safe be without its massive amount of customizations. The gun safes on this list all have that in common.

When you are willing to spend the amount of money it takes to have the right safe, you want to have the right safe.

This includes paint colors, locks, hinges (both internal and external options), interior configurations, fire ratings, and so much more.

The more options you have, the more you will enjoy the safe, and be able to get exactly what you want.

USA Made

I know elsewhere in this site, I have talked about where USA made, and Import safes don’t really matter a ridiculous amount, especially when it comes to security.

However when it comes to spending this amount of money, and the customizations needed to get exactly what you want, the safe has to be made here in the USA (or Canada in Inkas’ case).

When safes are imported from outside of the continent, it makes it near impossible to add, or remove any functionality of the safe, and thus you can’t get exactly what you want.

Thick steel

Where would a true safe be without thick steel! This is what keeps thieves from breaking into your safe.

As you probably have seen from all the safes on this list, the high end of the spectrum tends to have ridiculous amounts of steel between the outside world and what is on the inside of the giant metal box.

Secure locking mechanism

At these price points, you should never see non-name brand locking mechanisms. Instead you will find many of the best out there, that include redundancies, EMP proof capabilities, and most importantly some true reliability.

Extra security precautions

High end safes are able to have a ton of extra functionality that other safes just can’t. This includes glass relockers, better hinges, seals for smoke, thicker steel, better boltwork, and cool interior items like jewelry drawers and Axis interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you need a high end gun safe?

If you are reading this, and wondering why anyone would want to spend so much money on a gun safe, when there are safes well under $1000 that would work as well, here are some reasons.

High dollar items – Some people prefer to keep their items within reach. Sometimes those items are crazy expensive, sometimes priceless. When you have something like this, the safe it is in, is only a percentage of what is inside. The upgrade to a high end safe makes it worth it.

Fire-resistance – The more money you pay, and the higher quality you get, the more likely the fire-resistance of a safe will hold up to what is advertised.

Irreplaceable items – Some things like memories of your family, or priceless artifacts can’t be replaced, and a high end safe is needed to protect that.

What is the most expensive gun safe?

The most expensive safe on this list, is easily the Fort Knox Legend Series gun safes. There are of course bank vault safes, commercial safes and more, however for this lists sake, the Legend is the highest price point.


If you are on the hunt for a true high end safe, I hope this article helped you find one that matches your budget, and needs for a safe.

There are of course safes on here that are probably way out of most anyone’s budget, and are more of a halo safe, however there are others that are incredibly value oriented, pending you can afford their still high price.

Regardless, these are some of the best of the best when you are looking for the best high end gun safes on the USA market today.

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