Top 11 Best Lightweight Gun Safes In 2023

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There are many people out there who just don’t want a heavy gun safe. We’ll dig more into those reasons later in the article, however for the most part it has to do with the difficulty of moving a safe around a home, or from home to home.

A lightweight safe offers tons of flexibility that other safes just don’t have! However there really aren’t that many high quality, good lightweight safes on the market today that I can recommend. However the safes in this article should be some of the best!

While a lightweight safe is very subjective, I tried to keep the full size safes to under 300 pounds, which is what many hand trucks and 2 people can handle taking into a home without an issue. For the lightweight pistol safes later in the article, I tried to keep them under 8 pounds, meaning they can be considered portable and easy to take with you.

Please note: Just because the safes on this list are lightweight, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions, and not bolt them to the ground.

Our PicksProductRating
Best OverallSecureIt Agile Model 525 / 5
Best Small SafeSecureIt Agile Model 404.5 / 5
Best Safe with Fire RatingSnapsafe Titan4.5 / 5
Best High Tech SafeVaultek RS500i4.5 / 5
Best Cheap SafeStack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS3 / 5

1. SecureIt Agile Model 52

[Image courtesy of SecureIt]

I really couldn’t save my favorite option for last, and instead added it right here at the top! The SecureIt Agile Model 52 cabinet is by far the best all around lightweight gun safe. It offers tons of real functionality, while not having anything that it doesn’t need.

It is what is considered a modular design, and can be taken anywhere in your home in pieces, and assembled there. However even assembled it tops the scale at only 105 pounds, meaning it can be moved around your home without being disassembled.

One of my favorite features are the cradle grid interior, which allows you to be able to add shelving, baskets, pistol hangers and more, wherever you may not have a rifle sitting.

It also has a high quality build, lowish price, and a lifetime warranty.

You will also find this safe at the top of favorite gun cabinet list as well!




2. SecureIt Agile Model 40

If you really liked the SecureIt Model 52, however couldn’t quite afford it, or possibly wanted something a bit smaller, the Model 40 version is the next best thing.

It continues to offer all the same quality, features (like the Cradle Grid Tech.) and warranty of the larger version, and instead just shrinks it down a bit.

Fun fact about both the Model 52, and 40. You can actually stack units on top of each other. This means you could technically buy a Model 52, and then add a Model 40 on top, to give you two safes with the floor space of a single one. This also distributes your items into two safes.




3. Snapsafe Titan

[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

This safe is by far one of the more expensive, and also one of the heaviest safes on this list. However it also was one of the most important safes on this list as well!

If you are looking for a lightweight safe, however still want a fire rating, the Snapsafe is one of the best of the best.

I was still able to qualify this as a lightweight safe, as it is modular, can be broken down and then put back together wherever you want. This can all be done with one or two people no problem, and all pieces can be carried by one person, which allowed me to be able to qualify it for this list.

It offers 9 gauge steel (achieved by two layers of steel), and a fire rating of one hour at 2300 degrees!

It also is one of the only safes on this list to offer a namebrand lock in the form of a SecuRAM locking mechanism.

I really like this safe, not just because it is a lightweight safe, but also because it is just a good all-around safe as well.




4. Vaultek RS500i

[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

This brand continues to impress me with every product they release! The Vaultek RS500i (and more recently the RS200i) is the first full size rifle safe that they have offered, and is also the most high tech full size safe on the market as well!

With its lightweight design, and high quality, it was an easy pick to be added to this list.

While it does have high price tag for its size, it doesn’t disappoint by offering many high end features like biometric keypads, a remote key to open the safe, interior lighting, and a modular interior!

Want to change up the interior? You can easily purchase accessories to be able to build out the interior of your safe no problem.

While you may want to have a dehumidifier in it, it will also alert you on your phone if the temperature, or humidity is too high in your safe, so you can take action before damage happens.

My favorite feature though, is the built in tamper alert. If someone tries to move, or access your safe, an alert is sent to your phone!




5. Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS

Now, not everyone can afford many of the options on this list! If you are on the hunt for a lightweight safe, but just can’t bring yourself to spend what some of these other safes cost, then the Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS might just be the ticket.

At one of the lowest prices of the bunch, it offers extremely basic security functions by using a barrel key locking mechanism, and is only secured at the top and bottom of the door.

However if you are looking for just basic protection for your items, then this offers a great bang for the buck on size.

Keep in mind though, if you can save a little bit more, there are quite a few options on this list that are better in the long run than this one.




6. SecureIt Tactical Answer Ultralight: Model 8

[Image courtesy of SecureIt]

Yes, I know this article talks a lot about SecureIt! However this is mainly because they specialize in lighter weight safes that are a great alternative to the mainstream safes everyone is used to.

If you don’t like what the Model 52 and Model 40 have to offer, and prefer to not have a modular design with heavier steal, then the Answer Ultralight Model 8 is an awesome option.

It keeps all of the awesome features like locking mechanisms, interior Cradle Grid Technology, quality, warranty, and really everything great about the Model 52, and turns it into a heavier steel, welded version.

This safe would be much more comparable to what you will see with other mainstream safe on the market today. However it has a smaller footprint, is easier to access, and also just looks cool.




7. Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault

If you are looking for extremely quick access, but don’t like biometric locks, there aren’t many options out on the market today to get you want. However if you are one of those, Hornady has your back!

Instead of using biometric, they instead use RFID tech to allow you to gain access without a key, or fingerprint. Basically you have a fob, that you will place on the face of the safe, and it unlocks the safe.

Another standout feature, is the fact that it also has a modular interior. However I don’t think it is quite as good as what SecureIt has to offer, it still is a great feature to have.

I also wouldn’t expect any crazy quality out of this, but it is still an awesome safe that I think a lot of people would like.




8. Stopbox

I actually have a Stopbox in my collection, and have had a chance to test it out for a good period of time. While this isn’t a true gun safe, and is actually made of plastic, it does offer an awesome in-between when on the go.

This would be perfect for someone that wants to have a heavy duty safe at home, but needs something a bit more lightweight when on the go.

Outside of the IdentiLock we’ll talk about in the moment, it is also the lightest product on this list.

It’s easy and extremely quick to access the interior, and is over all a high quality product.

While it is a bit hefty of a price for what it is, it is als othe only product on the market like it! It’s at least worth a look.




9. Vaultek Lifepod 2.0

[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

If you are on the hunt for an extremely portable, high quality safe that isn’t just meant for firearms, the Lifepod 2.0 should probably be at the top of your list.

Vaultek has taken everything they know about their other firearm safes, and made something meant for every day life.

With this newest 2.0 version, it also includes a really cool plate on the inside that allows you to be able to secure items, so they don’t roll around on the inside.

Of course it also has the fingerprint scanner, and all of the tech you would expect from a Vaultek product.




10. IdentiLock

Now, you wouldn’t be wrong, if your first thought about the IdentiLock, is the fact that… well… it isn’t a safe. However now that we understand that, it actually makes for a great alternative.

Sure, you won’t be able to store anything else with it, but if you are just looking for something that is not heavy, and secures one pistol, this is an awesome option.

While it by no means is cheap for what it is, is does a great job at what it is intended to do. Keep dangerous people from using your firearm.

The short: Basically it wraps around the trigger of your pistol, keeping anyone away from using it. Instead you use your fingerprint to quickly remove the IdentiLock, and have access to your pistol when needed.




11. Liberty HD-100 Quick Vault Handgun & Pistol Safe

[Image courtesy of Liberty Safe]

Now, just because this safe is last on the list, does not mean it isn’t a great option!

Liberty makes incredibly high quality products, that work well, and are backed by one of the largest safe manufacturers in the USA.

The HD-100 is a basic, no-nonsense safe that works awesome, is a great size, and is easy to take with you.

The main standout feature is its electronic keypad, that can easily be used at night without a light.

It also has a lighted interior, and a key backup.




Why would you want a lightweight gun safe?

There are quite a few reasons that someone may want a lightweight gun safe! Here are just a few of those reasons.

Easy to move regularly

If you are someone that moves a lot, or are in the military, a lightweight safe may be for you. These safes can be moved with just one or two people using a hand truck (dolly), and it means you can (for the most part) throw it in with the rest of your stuff when you are moving.

Moving the safe up or downstairs

Heavier safes can be extremely difficult to move up or down stairs. With a lightweight safe (depending on how lightweight), you should be able to take them up or down those stairs with less effort than you would with a heavier option.

Don’t want to hire a moving company

One thing many, many people don’t account for is the cost of a moving company. When you buy a heavier safe, it becomes extremely difficult, and even dangerous to move your own safe without the know-how that a dedicated safe moving company has.

However this comes at a cost, and hiring a moving company will add at least a couple hundred dollars to the final cost of the safe.

Why would you NOT want a lightweight gun safe?

There are many, many people out there who have a large amount of valuables that they want to keep safe. Weight in, and of itself is a deterrent for thieves, and when you are talking a high value of items, weight can really help.

Of course, a high end safe, in the end just won’t be lightweight by nature. Once you get into thicker steel like 9 gauge plus, you will find that the steel itself makes it heavier than what I would qualify as lightweight.

So if you are looking for real security that will keep a thief out for a long period of time, a lightweight safe may not be for you. I would instead look at high ends safes, like the ones in this article.

Now, not every gun safe can make it onto this list. While there are many quality products out there that could fit into this category, these are my favorites due to the wide range of safes that would work for a wide range people.

That said, there are of course some products out there that just aren’t a good value, or have a big flaw that just doesn’t make them a good option to be added to this list.

Why not list all modular gun safes?

I am a huge fan of modular gun safes. Why is this? Because they can so easily be transported from home to home. However I also just didn’t want this list to all be modular safes, as that isn’t what people always want.

I made sure though, to include the Snapsafe, and what SecureIt has to offer. This is because these two companies offer an awesome value, and both offer some of the best qualities in the lightweight safe world.

Why aren’t there more lightweight gun safes on the market?

A lightweight gun safe just doesn’t quite have the market that larger, heavier safes have. The common thought process behind a safe, is that the heavier the safe is, the more secure a safe is. However what most people aren’t aware of, is that most of the weight in most lower end safes comes strictly from fire boards, which has nothing to do with security.

When you look at many of the lightweight safes on this list, they don’t have a fire rating, and achieve the portability that many people are looking for, while maintaining similar security to the more expensive, heavier, and more difficult to move safes.

Unfortunately, selling on the weight of a safe is easy, and it’s difficult to educate the public to the idea that a lighter safe can be just as secure.

That said, that isn’t true for all safes! Some heavy safes are incredibly secure, and deserve to take a look at. Some name drops are Fort Knox, Browning’s USA made safes, and more. Generally those safes with 12 gauge steel or better.


I know, I know, this was a really long article. However I hope I was able to point you in a good direction of a lightweight safe that will work for your purposes!

With names like SecureIt, Snapsafe, and Vaultek in the world, we will always have some really great options for lightweight safe alternatives.

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