Top 11 Best Quality Nightstand And Bedside Gun Safes In 2023

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Nightstand and Bedside pistol, and gun safes are a really cool category! This is mainly because the safes tend to stay where they are, and aren’t moved like normal pistol safes.

This means you get to have a safe with thicker steel, while maintaining that small profile that a pistol safe needs.

These safes are built to be bolted to a nightstand, and offer extremely quick and reliable access to a firearm at night.

You will find a ton more information about what I look for in a nightstand safe later in this article, however I tried my best to make sure every safe on this list offers quality, and not just what is easy to link to.

I also have added some less traditional bedside safes at the end, like underbed safes, and even a gun safe that looks like a nightstand.

So without more to do, lets dig into the list, and see which one fits your purposes the best!

Our PicksProductRating
Best Smart SafeVaultek VT10i5 / 5
Best Hidden SafeVaultek Slider4.5 / 5
Best Heavy Duty SafeFort Knox PB15 / 5
Best Underbed SafeSecureIt Fast Box4.5 / 5
Best Nightstand ReplacementRhino LNS26184.5 / 5

1. Vaultek VT10i

Vaultek VT10i in nice house
[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

This safe finds its way at the top of a lot of different best lists I have one this side, and this list is no different.

The VT10i offers a wide array of high quality entry options like phone access, fingerprint (biometric) access, and even key and keypad entry.

It also backs this up with awesome styling that is backed up by a high quality build.

Vaultek as a brand makes many of my favorite products, and you will find multiple different ones on this list as a result, as they specialize in this type of product.




2. Gunbox 2.0

[Image courtesy of Gunbox]

If the Vaultek VT10i isn’t quite what you are looking for but you still want high tech entry access, the Gunbox 2.0 is going to be your answer!

This safe offers almost all the same modes of access, but also has RFID entry.

Which basically means you can open it with upgradable accessories like a credit card key, or a wristband.

On top of this, it also take a different direction with the metal, as it is constructed of aluminum rather than steel.

I have had quite a bit of experience with this safe, and it really is a great unit!




3. Vaultek Slider

Vaultek Slider opened and in use
[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

Ahh yes, the next Vaultek branded product on this list! However this Vaultek Slider is no where near the same as what we have already talked about.

The Slider is built to be bolted to the side of a desk, bookcase, or for what you are likely looking for, a bedside table or nightstand.

Instead of laying a firearm on its side, and then having a lid pop up, it instead holds the firearm upright, and then the drawer slides out towards you.

As you would expect the Slider still offers all of the same awesome access options that you would expect from the brand, and also the quality.

If you are looking for something more concealed than a normal bedside safe, this might be an awesome option.




4. Fort Knox Original PB1

Fort Knox is famous for their high end full-size gun safes, however they also have some extremely awesome pistol safes as well.

If you are looking for a bedside safe, that you don’t ever plan on moving from its spot, then the Original PB1 by Fort Knox is probably going to be your best bet.

This heavy duty pistol safe tops out at 23 pounds, which is incredibly heavy by pistol safe standards. This is achieved by being built with 10 gauge steel, making it the thickest steel option on this list!

On top of just its incredible weight, it also has one of my favorite locks, the Simplex lock. This means you get the quick access of an electronic lock, with the reliability of a mechanical lock.




5. Amsec PS1208EZ

If you want something a bit lighter weight than the Fort Knox PB1, the Amsec PS1208EZ is an awesome alternative.

It maintains that same Simplex locking mechanism, however sheds about half of the weight by using 14 gauge steel instead of 10 gauge, making it ever so slightly more portable if you did want to use it as a double use unit.

Want a carrying handle, this has that as well!




6. Shotlock Solo-Vault 200M

This extremely unique safe is a very different take on how you can secure your firearm! While staying small, it is able to keep larger rifles safe, by covering up the rifles trigger with the safe.

While the safe doesn’t use a Simplex lock, it does however use a very similar style lock to a Simplex, meaning it should be relatively easy to use.

It also has a backup key lock, so you know you will be able to get in.




7. Rhino LNS2618

Yes, I know, I know this is an article about nightstand safes that attach to a nightstand. However, what would happen if your night stand was the safe?

Enter the LNS2618 by Rhino Metals. This awesome nightstand works both as a place to keep your lamp, but also has an internal safe for keeping your firearms and valuable as well.

This safe comes with all of the features you expect from a full size safe, like the steel thickness (14 gauge), and a quality locking mechanism (SecuRAM).

At 150 pounds, it would also be the heaviest, and most difficult safe to remove from your home.

You will also find this safe on the list of best home safes here as well!




8. Vaultek MX Series

[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

If you really liked the Vaultek VT10i we talked about at the top of this article, but wanted something bigger, then the MX series is going to be your best bet!

This thing is huge, but not too huge.

You can fit multiple firearms, and other accessories as well. Making this perfect if you want your little safe to be a bit more than just pistol storage.

It also comes with all the features you would want, such as multiple ways to access, internal lighting, and tamper alerts directly to your phone.




9. Sentry Safe QAP1BE

I will be 100% honest that I don’t have a ton of experience with this safe, however it seems to be one of the top rated safes out there right now! It seems to blend quality with price, meaning many people are able to get it and stay safe.

It features fingerprint, keypad, and key lock access, making it a well rounded option!

You can also easily upgrade to a larger capacity version, meaning you can fit two pistols instead of only one.

It also gives you interior lighting for those times you need to access it, without turning on your lights in the room.




10. Snapsafe Underbed Safe L

[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

If you want something that is underneath of your bed, the Snapsafe Underbed safes are an awesome option.

Instead of sitting on top of your nightstand, they bolt to the floor just underneath of your bed. When needed, you just lower yourself down, and quickly access your safe.

The size of the safe also allows for larger firearms to be kept close by to you at night, and also allows for more items to be kept in it, other than just firearms.

If you don’t want, or have the ability to have a full size safe, this might be a great way to have it all.




11. SecureIt Fast Box 47

It’s no secret that I like SecureIt products, they make some of the best and most innovative products out there right now. They do a great job of mixing security, but also usable products.

The Fastbox 47 is just as easy to use by being bolted underneath the bed, or in a verticle format in between your bedside stand and your bed itself.

This safe has an electronic, easy to use keypad, and can actually fit two rifles or shotguns in its vertical option.

If you use it horizontally, you can fit a rifle, and some other items on the floor.




What do you need in a nightstand safe?

Still not quite sure which gun safe is best for you? Here are some things that I think about whenever I am looking for some of the best safes on the market.

You’ll need to decide which aspects are most important to you, and then possibly review my list again to see which ones fit that best in your situation.

Quick access and easy to open

Gaining quick access to a bedside safe is by far the most important aspect of a safe in this category. You need to make sure whatever lock is on the safe, is easy to use in both a rush, but also probably in the dark as well.

Many safes like true mechanical lock safes tend to take time, and a steady hand. Both of which don’t lend well to what you need in a time of need.


You need to make sure the safe you buy is going to open every time you need it to. When you are keeping a firearm next to your bed, you likely have it there so you can use it at a moments notice!

If your safe can’t live up to that standard, then what is the point in having it in the first place.

Smaller size

Most of the time, you will probably want a pistol safe that is smaller in profile than many other safe. You have to think about the fact it will take a good portion of your night table.

There are ways around that, like underbed safes, and safes that bolt to the nightstand.

Thicker steel

One of the awesome things about a bedside safe, is that it is not needing to be portable. Generally speaking you will have bolted it to a nightstand, or even the floor, meaning you won’t be taking it with you.

This means you can have thicker steel than a safe you intend on taking with you! Safes like the Fort Knox PB1 tend to be perfect for this as we have found in this article.

Ability to be mounted and bolted down

A bedside safe cannot go without the ability to be bolted down to the nightstand it is associated with. If your safe isn’t bolted, or at least tethered to the nightstand then it can easily be carried away by anyone, including thieves, or even children.

Nice things to have in a nightstand

There are of course some features, that may not be necessary, but are nice to have!

Tamper alerts

This feature is something that not many safes have yet, however some on this list do! Tamper alerts can come in the form of just being an annoying beep, but can also be notifications being sent to your phone when you are away from your home.

Remote Access

If you are looking for your safe to be a controlled access box, then a remote access option might be something that you will want.

It basically means you can open the safe for someone, even if you aren’t there next to the safe.

This feature is debated in the industry though, as there aren’t many times that this can help, but many times where it may hurt.

Why a nightstand gun safe may not be right for you?

Nightstand, bedside safes are not for everyone!

If you need to be able to fit a ton of items into a safe, then one of these probably are not for you. You likely will want to buy a larger, full size gun safe.


So there you have it, these are not only the things you should think about when buying a bedside safe, but also the bedside safe that might work best for you!

I hope it has helped point you in the right direction, and helps you stay safe at home!

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