Top 9 Best Simplex Lock Gun Safes By 3 Brands In 2023

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The Simplex Lock is one of the best options for a pistol safe out there. It is simple, easy to use, and works well for most occasions. It is also awesome because manufacturers like Fort Knox, V-Line, Stealth, and quite a few more use these locks on their safes. Meaning you know what you are going to get when you buy any of these safes.

Some of my personal favorite safes are the Fort Knox PB1, the Stealth Original, as well as the Amsec line of safes. Each of these offer different features, but they all utilize the Simplex mechanical push button lock. 

You are here though to see which Simplex Safes I would recommend buying, so we will talk about that first! However make sure to read through until the end to learn more about the lock, pros and cons, and more.

1. Fort Knox [PB1, PB4, PB5, and PB6]

Fort Knox has been making gun safes for a rather long time now! This includes their pistol safes. Each of the safes they make all feature the 10 gauge steel you would expect from a high security manufacturer like Fort Knox.

They then took the tried and true formula they had, and changed the pistol safe to different sizes to allow for different applications.

The PB1 (which you can buy right here) is perfect for the desk, or night stand with a top opening door. The PB4 is a front opening version, which is great for under the bed. The PB5 is purpose built to be used in the car with its smaller profile. Of course the massive PB6 can handle a shotgun! 

The PB6 is actually one of the few longer safes like this that can handle a longer gun. Normally you would need a full size safe for that.

Make sure to read more about these safes in this article here, where I go much more in depth on these safes.

2. Stealth Tactical [Portable and Original]

This manufacturer makes some of my favorite full size safes, but they also make some of my favorite pistol safes. Both of their pistol safes come standard with a Simplex lock! They also carry both ends of the spectrum when it comes to these safes.

The Portable version directly competes with the American Security version we will talk about below, and the Original obviously competes with the Fort Knox PB1 that we talked about earlier. I actually have a completely separate article about the original if you want to read about it here.

Sure, maybe they are trying to copy other manufacturers, but when it’s a cheaper great alternative, it works for the consumer I guess.

3. American Security [HAS410, PS1208EZ, PS1210HD]

You can’t get passed many lists about pistol safes without mentioning an Amsec pistol safe. In this case, they create three awesome versions.

The HAS410 is a hide-a-safe with a heavy 7 gauge steel door, and a 10 gauge body. It also obviously features a simplex lock and is perfect for keeping it under your bed, under a car seat, or under something else, I don’t know, it’s up to you.

With the PS1208EZ on the scene, it is comparable to the Stealth Portable we talked about earlier. It is meant to be something you can carry with you when you need it. Maybe not all the time, but if you need it. It sits at 14 gauge steel.

Now of course every manufacturer has to have a heavy duty version right? Amsec is no different by offering the PS1210HD. Like the other heavy duty safes, it features that same 10 gauge steel. It has a handle though that Fort Knox doesn’t, which is a great addition.

Pros of owning a Simplex Lock Gun Safe


Why a Simplex Lock?

What is the main downside to a standard push button electronic lock? The battery. It can go dead without you ever knowing, leaving you without quick access to your safe when you need it most.

The Simplex lock gives you the ease of an electronic lock, which is to have buttons instead of a dial, fingerprint scanner, or key, but it does away with the need for a battery.

You essentially are able to push a sequence of buttons on the “keypad” and the mechanics on the inside of the lock release when the right sequence is pushed. You can even push two buttons at once to make it more complicated.

Are Simplex locks secure?

It is worth talking a little bit more on this point, as you will find quickly that the Simplex lock can only handle 1084 different combinations.

With a little bit of thought, you will realize that it wouldn’t take that long for someone to gain access to the safe by just starting from the first combo, and going to the last.

Because of this, many people will say these locks aren’t secure. However I personally disagree with this assumption.

Yes, with enough time people may gain access. However as I say a lot, when you buy a gun safe you are buying time. And if you are worried about someone breaking in, in this way. I personally think that is a good investment.

These safes will help with smash and grabs, and quick in and out thieves. Just make sure you are securing these safes in some other way. Like bolting it down, or if you take it on the go, think about adding a security cable.


So there you have it, these are the pistol safes out there that use the Simplex locking mechanism. It of course is by no means the best lock for everyone, but I personally think it brings the best of all the locks into one.

It is a bummer that it doesn’t have some crazy amount of combination possibilities, but I think most people will be able to get by that.

All of this said, if I had to buy one of these safes. The Fort Knox PB1 Original Pistol Safe would be my choice. You can’t beat the quality, and it is backed up by one of my favorite companies.

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