Timing Your Gun Safe Purchase: When is the best time of the year?

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When considering a time to purchase a safe, a couple of questions should arise. 

  1. When is the best time to buy that will get me the best price? 
  2. When is the best time to buy a safe to get into my home?
  3. When is the best time of the year to buy a gun safe? 

I have found that Black Friday is the best time of the year to get a gun safe. The biggest shopping day of the year (in the USA) is when you can get the best price, but you still have time to get the giant safe into your home. However, purchasing on this day may make it difficult to get the safe into your home during the colder weather.

When can I get the lowest price?

Several times during the year can get you discounted prices on a safe.

  1. Tax time – Tax return time is an excellent time to get a great deal on a safe, as manufacturers like Browning/Prosteel have a tax season rebate. You can see Browning’s promotions and rebates at any time here.
  2. Black Friday – These sales are great for import safes and will be seen in big box retailers. You will also find brands like SecureIt Gun Storage offer some hefty discounts during this time and for the remainder of the year.

Finally, visit your local safe dealer in-store or online like this retailer. Ask when they will have sales or if they can get you a good deal!

When is the best time to move a safe into my home?

When is the perfect time to buy a safe and bring it into my home? This is determined by where you live in the country. Southern states can generally purchase a safe anytime during the year, as they only have to worry about the heat.

However, up north, snow becomes a significant issue on moving a sometimes 2000-pound safe into a home. Because of this, Summer is the ideal time to purchase your safe in the northernmost states. The only downside to this is that moving companies tend to be busier during the summer. This will make it harder to schedule the move.

Moving a safe is challenging, especially on higher-end safes like these. I recommend using a moving company for anything above 400-500 pounds. Make sure to use a moving company that is licensed and insured. Always take pictures of everything that is in the path of the move. As well as make sure you feel comfortable with the people that are doing the job. Another easier option is to check out modular gun safes, which allow easy moves!

What if I want to buy a gun safe for a Christmas present or a birthday?

When purchasing a gun safe as a gift, timing is critical. Gun safes require using a freight company if not bought locally. Even if it is purchased locally, a custom safe will need to be built at the manufacturer and then shipped to you or your local dealer for delivery. Because of this, you will want to account for build time and shipping time, which can be as little as a couple of days to multiple weeks.

On the side of availability of safes, most import safes can ship within days as they are brought in as complete units. However, if you want a custom safe like a Browning, Liberty, Fort Knox, Vault Pro, or many others, it can take weeks or even months to build the safe as it is made upon order.

Keep an eye on lead and freight times when purchasing to ensure they get to your residence promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gun safe a good investment?

Gun safes are more an investment in your safety rather than in something of value! Like vehicles, gun safes are depreciating assets; however, even though they can drop in value, they still protect your family by keeping firearms and valuables away from thieves.

Is a cheap gun safe worth it?

Inexpensive gun safes also tend to be the ones that go on sale regularly! Cheap safes should only be purchased with the understanding that they will not defend against a determined criminal for long and should expect a quicker response because of this.

Where is the best place to put a gun safe?

There are plenty of incredible places to buy a gun safe. Make sure wherever you purchase it, it is reputable and of quality, manufacturer to ensure you will have warranty backup if you ever need it.


When you want to save a couple of bucks, you must pay attention to the time of the year when you buy a safe gun. There are, of course, other ways to save money by reading this article here.

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