This Is The BioLite FirePit

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I went out camping for the first time in a long time this last weekend. With camping comes needing to start a campfire, cook on the campfire, and enjoy it!

With that, I also found the campfire pit at the campsite wanting, and couldn’t help but think that the FirePit by BioLite would have been such a better solution to the issue! I had found out about this fire pit a while back, and have thought it is extremely awesome.

What is it?

The BioLite FirePit is a portable, easy to use charcoal, or wood fire pit that is extremely easy to set up and use!

It is built to keep airflow going at all times by utilizing 51 air jets. The normal campsite firepit is completely enclosed, meaning you aren’t going to get the airflow you need, and everyone knows that a fire needs oxygen to stay lit.

Need more or less oxygen in your firepit? Just change the fan speed with your bluetooth phone and app. Yes… a smartphone enabled fire, it’s here.

Now, of course you can also cook on it as well. It comes standard with a grill grate to allow for hibachi style food grilling (maybe make some steak?)! As a note, if you need something to store your food in, in the meantime, this cooler might be a great option.

Who is BioLite?

BioLite is a company that makes a variety of different camping related products! From what I have found they are all high quality and offer something a bit different than the competition.

I have quite a bit of experience with their Headlamp 200 that you can read about here!

They do also make a similar style Camp Stove that is another alternative to this FirePit.

Where to buy it?

BioLite has an awesome website, and you can easily buy it there! Just makes sure to click the button below to visit their site.

Keep reading? You should look into this full size Ferno Grill where you can adjust the fire level. Or if you are just looking for something portable, and disposable, Radiate also makes a great product.

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