Blind Spot Mirrors are one of the cheapest ways to stay safe on the road

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Every once in a while you will see someone that has a weird bulb looking mirror on their existing mirrors. Yeah, it looks like a little strange, and you don’t think about it ever again. I say, think again!

We bought a used car a couple years ago that had these pre-installed. Right off the bat, we thought it was a little weird, and kinda messed with our eyes as it looks like a fish eye lens on a camera.

However after a while we began to really see the benefits of the mirrors, and since then added them to our other vehicle as well!
Benefits of a blind spot mirror

Blind Spot mirrors easily show you when a car is next to you

In the day and age of blind spot monitoring, we have begun to really trust our cars in letting us know when a car is in our blind spot. The great thing about these, is that you can actually physically see the car.

Obviously, please still turn around and check no matter what features your car has, but these mirrors are a great 2nd chance to make sure no one is there.

I can’t say how many times these things have kept us from running into the car next to us.

At a pretty cheap price, you can make your car much safer

How to install?

These things are super simple, all you do is pull off the adhesive from the back of the mirror and stick them onto your larger mirror. From there you twist the mirror to give you the perfect angle of that blind spot.

There are a lot of other things you can do to your vehicle, things like using Plasti-Dip, or installing a console vault to keep you safe, and your vehicle looking good!

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