Blue Dot Safes has one of the widest arrays of products out there

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Blue Dot is a manufacturer of quite a few different styles of safes. You really don’t find many of their safes on the consumer side of the market outside of their gun safe section of the market that is called “Second Amendment”.

Side note, these safes would rate pretty highly on my scale when buying a gun safe.

Blue Dot Safes

Quick looks at their safes:

1. Second Amendment Gun Safes

As mentioned before, their gun safe line is labeled as Second Amendment safes, and a can be found in quite a few retailers. The currently offer 3 safes ranging from a home safe, to a standard size safe, to a 72″ high behemoth.

These safes I would place in the entry level safes, but offer a great value that puts them as one of the better values out there.

2. Blue Dot Utility Safes

These safes are similar to many home safes out there. These are considered a b-rated safe and do not offer any fire protection.

I could see these working in a home, office, or store.

3. Depository Safes

Blue Dot’s depository safes are strictly meant for the retail environment. These safes allow for money to be deposited without the need to access the interior of the safe.

4. Smart Safes

These smart safes are again meant for the retail environment. However unlike the similar depository safe line, they will count the money while it is being deposited.

5. Blue Dot Floor Safes

Blue dot offers an array of different floor safes. These safes are installed directly in the floor of a home or business and are generally hidden from sight.

6. Under Counter

Under Counter safes tend to be bolted underneath a counter of a retail environment. Whenever there are larger bills, they are deposited and kept safe.

7. High Security

That’s right. Blue Dot offers TL-15 and TL-30 rated safes. Essentially these safes can handle tool attacks for up to 15, and 30 minutes respectively.

These are great for insurance policies that require these ratings.


With that overview, Blue Dot Safes has one of the widest array of safes out there. They are in pretty much any market of safes you can think of.

If you want to get your own Blue Dot Safe, make sure to visit their website.

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