Browning launches new safes and changes for 2019

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Last year Browning made only minor changes to the safes themselves, however adjusted all of the model numbers to reflect the gun capacity instead of the cubic inches. However now that we are moving closer to 2019 the newest changes are much more visual!

Browning changes many things about 2019 safes

So what has changed?

1. Hunter series replaced by Hell’s Canyon

The Hunter series has always been one of my favorite Browning series safes. It presented a great value by being the entry level USA made Browning ProSteel safe at 11 gauge steel, and using Browning’s Axis interior (one of the most adjustable interiors). The Hell’s Canyon safe on the other hand has always been more of a large capacity special edition of the Hunter safes.

Now in 2019 Browning has effectively dropped the Hunter name and replaced it with the Hell’s Canyon. Because of this two new Hell’s Canyon safes launched named the 33 Standard which is 60″ High by 30″ Wide by 25″ Deep, as well as the 49 Wide safe that is 60″ High by 43″ Wide by 25″ Deep. These safes join the original Hell’s Canyon 65 Extra Wide. On that note, ever wonder what size gun safe you need? Check out this article about how to choose.

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2. Heavyweight series replaced by Rawhide

The Heavyweight series has long been the high end of Browning’s import line of safes. While it does match the Hell’s Canyon series 11 gauge steel it is made of imported steel. It also uses the Browning Cantilever interior which isn’t quite as nice and adjustable as the Axis interior.

With the switch to the Rawhide there were some enhancements though! A much nicer paint scheme (kind of a dark copper look, and bronze hardware) as well as a fake leather covered interior and shelves.

Other than these changes, not much changed in the transition from the Heavyweight line to the Rawhide.

3. Black Label series gets meaner looking

The Black Label series of Browning safes has always been a pretty cool safe. The Mark V is essentially a Sporter series with a different paint scheme, and the Mark IV is basically a Hell’s Canyon series with visual changes and a gear rack on the top of the exterior of the safe.

The main changes to these safes this year are visual options. The Mark IV gains a pretty cool looking black American flag on the face of the safe and is adjusted to single L shaped handle instead a multiple prong handle. The Mark V keeps the two standard models but adds a 3rd Stars and Stripes version that includes the black flag on the front and a distressed style flag on the interior.

Are any of these safes something you want to buy? Make sure to check out my buying guide first before purchasing to make sure its what you need!

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