The Cafflano Klassic Is the All In One Coffee Maker [Includes Grinder]

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Cafflano has created one of the most unique, go-anywhere-usable coffee mugs. I mean there are definitely other mugs out there that can make you coffee as well as allow you to drink it (like the Bodum Travel Press), however never have I seen one to this extent.

The Cafflano Klassic combines a kettle, tumbler, pour over coffee maker, and most impressively a coffee grinder all into one unit. Not to mention it is small enough to be able to fit into a backpack, and the weight of just 1 pound doesn’t weigh you down much either.

Personally, I think the inclusion of the coffee grinder is what really sets this one apart for me. Many people want that fresh ground coffee taste, and that is where a grinder comes in. However those tend to be heavy, bulky, and just not super user friendly for those on-the-go. This changes all of that!

So who is this for?

This of course is a niche product, and isn’t meant for everyone! This would be best for those that live a lifestyle of traveling, backpacking, or just on-the-go, but they also enjoy having a great cup of handmade coffee in the morning.

On the other hand, for those that aren’t traveling constantly, or are happy getting a coffee shop coffee when they are out and about, maybe something better suited for home use, would be a better choice.


Cafflano makes some great products that are extremely cool, and useful. This one was their beginning, and they have since even grown into portable espresso makers, and even a dedicated grinder.

I would be happy to own any of their products, and would highly recommend you visit their website here to see if anything fits your lifestyle

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