The Cafflano Kompact Makes Cold Brew And Coffee On The Go

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I have featured Cafflano quite a bit in the past, however I wanted to make sure their Cafflano Kompact on my site, as it is a really great competitor to the Aeropress, which I also enjoy.

The Kompact takes portability to a whole new level, and even allows you to make cold brew coffee on the go, by giving you a water tight lid so you can brew while it is in your pack.

The basic idea behind the coffee maker is really similar to what you would find in the Aeropress, basically you combine water and coffee in a container, and then press down from the top, creating pressure, and then the coffee is strained through a filter in the bottom.

Some great features include a reusable filter, and due to its design you don’t have to rely on a cup to press down onto. You can press out coffee over top of a plate even!

If you want to buy yourself one of these, make sure to visit Cafflano’s website.

Cafflano also makes the Kompresso, Krinder, and more.

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