Can The Cafflano Kompresso Replace Your Espresso Maker?

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Have you ever gone out camping, or traveling and just wanted to make a great shot of espresso? Cafflano has you covered with the Cafflano Kompresso.

The Kompresso is a lightweight, compact, portable espresso maker that is easy to use, and easy to store. According to the manufacturer it is able to achieve a full 9 bars of pressure, which is able to give you exactly what you need for a great cup of espresso.

What does the Kompresso Feature?

There are quite a few things that make the Kompresso a great option if you are looking for espresso on the go.

Feeling the pressure

While many of its suedo competitors like the Aeropress are only able to handle 1-3 bars of pressure (not a bad thing, just not espresso) this is able to achieve 9 bars, which is well known in the industry to be perfect for making espresso. 

This is done by compressing the top piston down onto the the chamber and cup below with your body weight. Yes, it’s a little more work than an automatic espresso machine, but it is also cheaper, and well…. You can take it on-the-go.

Lightweight design

The Kompresso is extremely lightweight at just .44 pounds and is only 17cm by 10cm. This means you can easily throw it into your backpack without having to worry about it.

No filters

Having a filterless system is great, because you never have to worry about running out and having to go to the store to buy more! It also means they could make it exactly the way they want without having to make sure those custom filters are in all of the stores.


  • Lightweight and easy to store, or take with you
  • Makes espresso comparable to much more expensive units
  • Inexpensive considering the alternatives


  • Doesn’t have that high end feel you would get from other espresso makers

Who is the Kompresso for?

The Kompresso would be great for anyone that doesn’t want to have an espresso maker (manual or automatic) sitting on their kitchen counter all the time.

It also would be great for those looking for an inexpensive option that allows for flexibility.

This product though, wouldn’t be great for those wanting a high end device that feels great.

So how much is it?

From what I have found, different places have it for varying amounts! However the least expensive option was just under $60 up to around $80. While this may be a bit more expensive than expected, at least you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for the alternative.

You can find a retailer near you, by visiting Cafflano’s website here.

Who are the competitors?

The obvious competitors are companies like Aeropres, American Press, and probably Flair Espresso. You can also see other manual espresso makers that are relatively inexpensive by reading this article I put together.


The Cafflano Kompresso is obviously not for everyone, and that is okay! If you fit the bill, and want a great alternative to your normal espress, or are wanting to cut costs from going to a cafe everyday, this might be for you!

It is easy to use, simple to store, and is able to handle the budget.

Need a good glass to go with your Kompresso? You should definitely look at this one.

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