Cafflano Announces The New Krinder

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The Cafflano Krinder is one of the newest additions to the manual coffee grinder category! Yes, if you remember the name, Cafflano also is the same company that made the Kompresso I recently featured as well.

With this Krinder, they finally have completed the collection of coffee accessories! You can now create a cup of coffee from start to finish, just with Cafflano products.

So what are its features?

Wide grind consistency

The Krinder has an extremely wide range of coffee grind size. It is able to quickly adjust from a fine espresso setting, all the way up to a larger pour over style grind.

Extremely lightweight

At only 295 grams, it is extremely lightweight, and portable. On top of that, the handle is easy to detach and reatach to both the top, and side of the grinder, to make sure you can easily keep it in a bag.


Manual grinders tend to be expensive, as they last a long time. The Krinder fits in in the upper part of the affordable category, only being $99.

My Thoughts?

There are definitely cheaper grinders out there, however this grinder may be stacking up to be a great value for a grinder that will last a long time, be portable, and easy to use!

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