Can You Rhino Line A Scratched Pickup Truck Bed?

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With over 30 years of experience and competence, Rhino Lining is one of the most well-known brands in the business. Rhino Lining manufactures corrosion-resistant polymer spray-on liners that protect surfaces from hazardous spills.

Rhino Lining’s spray-on truck bed liner is impact and abrasion-resistant, so even if you have to transport a truckload of rocks and are worried about your truck bed taking a hit, it can take a licking and keep on kicking.

We provide the most comprehensive assortment of professionally placed, in most cases, there should be no clearance difficulties when installing additional accessories; however, if you have an item with an installation tolerance of less than 1/4″, it’s always a good idea to check your Rhino Linings retail applicator.

How much time does it take

It takes around 3 hours to install a Rhino Linings spray-on truck bed liner by a professional. Consult your local retail store, but you should be able to drop it off in the morning and pick it up on that day.

How The Protective Coating On Rhino Linings Can Be Repaired

Yes, if you damage your truck, your Rhino Linings retail applicator is prepared to make seamless, high-quality repairs. For additional information, contact a local applicator.

No, Rhino Linings protective covering adheres directly to the surface of your truck bed, allowing for effective heat transfer (i.e. no thermal effect compared to a drop-in). On a hot day, it will “feel” cooler than your truck’s metal!

Common Applications For Rhino Lining

Rhino Linings understands the importance of upholding code and environmental standards in containment scenarios, which is why they provide a range of options to meet the specific requirements of each work.

Containment: Both primary and secondary

Sprayed-on protective linings from Rhino Linings are appropriate for a variety of primary containment scenarios, including primary and secondary. The following are some of the most often utilized Rhino Linings products in confinement applications;

Rhino ExtremeTM is a brand new product from Rhino.

Rhino Harsh is commonly used with clarifiers, digesters, and equalization basins and is developed for extreme, outdoor conditions and colder substrates.


HiChem is commonly used with chlorine systems, primary containment, and pipelines because of its excellent chemical stability for immersion and chemical resistance.


HardLine is commonly used with sludge bins and tanks, sediment basins, and material handling equipment because it is designed for optimum impact and abrasion protection.

Rhino Hybrid is a hybrid of two rhinos.

Rhino Hybrid is a high-humidity, corrosion, and abrasion-resistant coating that’s commonly found in wet wells, lift stations, and cooling towers.

The Price Of It

Each Rhino Linings retail location is individually owned and run, and each retail applicator is allowed to determine rates based on current market conditions. We recommend getting a quotation for your exact application from a local applicator. The cost varies based on the truck bed’s size and length, as well as the application.

A Color Option For RHINO LININGS Protective Coating

Rhino Linings protective coating may be coated in almost any color. They can even make pigments to fit your exact color preferences.

It Possible To Use RHINO LININGS Protective Coating As An Undercoat

Yes, using Rhino materials, the ideal method to place undercoating is during a “frame-off” repair. This is similar to powder coating, in which each item is removed, coated, and then reassembled individually. This method guarantees that the coating is uniform, with no missing spots or partial coverage.

Some Other Uses For RHINO LININGS Protective Coating

For robust and long-lasting protection, Rhino Linings products may be applied to practically any properly prepared surface.

Will the lining withstand harsh weather and severe temperatures?

Yes. Whether or other external conditions will not cause to bend, peel, fracture, or split. Their spray-on liners have been designed to endure extreme temperatures from Alaska to Arizona (temperatures between -40 degrees F and 190 degrees F). Rhino Linings products, unlike plastic drop-in liners or other spray-on liners, are designed to withstand severe use and provide greater abrasion and corrosion protection.


In addition, they provide a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty that is applicable at all of Rhino Linings’ retail locations.

They create and oversee their own materials’ manufacturing processes, ensuring consistent and long-lasting protection of the highest quality. In addition, they provide a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty that is applicable at all of Rhino Linings’ retail locations.

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