Champion Safes Overview

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Who is Champion Safes?

Champion is an all USA made gun safe manufacturer based out of Provo Utah. They market 3 different brands of safes marketed towards the more budget friendly version all the way up to a premium safe.

They boast a couple very defining characteristics that many other manufacturers don’t have, such as an arched door called the “Crown’s Steel Door Archway” and multiple step door.

[Image provided by Champion Safes]

This manufacturer is dedicated to build American made safes, and believes in the “Build up to a standard, not down to a price”. They try to use only USA made parts.

The manufacturer also has a great lifetime warranty that covers paint, workmanship, unlawful break-in and more. Warranties are important, and these safes hold to that.

Different Series of Safes

Champion Safe’s three series of safes go as such:

Safe Guard Series

The Safe Guard series includes the Deluxe and Standard safe. Both are an affordable way to get a high quality Champion branded safe. These safes have basic yet functional features.

Champion Series

The Champion series includes the Crown, Triumph, Trophy, Medalist, Model T and the Super Short. This series is the beginning of finding many of Champion’s features.

Superior Series

The Superior line of safes has names such as the Untouchable, Supreme, Master, Regal, Ironside, and Super Short. These safes will include the best of the best in features that Champion has to offer including many interior options.

Champion Safes Paint
Champion Safes offers many great paint options! [images provided by Champion Safes]

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