Top 5 Best Cheap Gun Safes Under $600

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Finding the right cheap gun safe (especially a full-size safe) is problematic on a tight budget under $600. However, I have compiled the most comprehensive gun safes under that range. 

Why should you trust me? This article is a culmination of years of research, testing, talking with experts, and even working in the industry myself. While these safes aren’t necessarily the best out there, they are the best under $600.

At A Glance

Editor's Choice

1. SecureIt Fast Box Model 47

  • Lock: Electronic Lock w/ Key Bypass
  • Dimensions: 6.75" High by 47.25" Wide by 13" Deep
  • Steel: 16-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Great value for the price
  • Modular CradleGrid interior
  • Can be placed upright, or horizontally
  • Easy to use lock
  • Smaller capacity
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Before the past year, I highly recommended the SecureIt Agile Model 52 as my top option under $600; unfortunately, it has gone up in price (if you still want to, it is a great safe, and you can get it here). Under the updated pricing, the best alternative to that safe has to be the Fast Box Model 47 with the vertical bundle.

This smaller, two-rifle capacity version of their safes works both in a horizontal and vertical application and is the least expensive safe on this list at under $400. However, you still get the excellent quality that SecureIt is known for and the cradle grid technology (just on a smaller scale).

You can still opt for bins and other accessories that the larger cabinets have, and you can easily mount them to the wall or the floor with provided mounting holes.

Best Smart Full-Size Safe

2. WincentPro RF2

  • Lock: Biometric Lock w/ Key Bypass
  • Dimensions: 53.8" High by 15.8" Wide by 13.8" Deep
  • Steel: Unknown
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • Great value for what you get
  • Biometric locking mechanism
  • Reasonable storage for the price
  • Biometric locks can be unreliable
  • Unknown steel gauge
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Wincent Pro is an up-and-coming brand I have slowly been warming up to. Now that other brands have quickly raised their prices out of many people’s budgets, this safe is becoming a great bargain.

Instead of creating their louver system for their safes’ interior, they opted for the tried and true Molle system, which allows you to completely customize your safe with accessories you probably have at home now.

The safe can be opened with a keypad, fingerprint (can hold up to 40 prints), or a physical key (for when you need it at any cost). For those that are worried about the battery running out, they allow for external power supplies to be plugged in for easy access.

The safe is also quick access, as the rifles are lined up against the back wall rather than in a u-shaped rack.

Best Cheap Option

3. Paragon Safes 7550

  • Lock: Key
  • Dimensions: 60.5" High by 25" Wide by 16.5" Deep
  • Steel: Unknown
  • Fire Rating: 18-gauge
  • Weight: 102 pounds
  • Simple design
  • Inexpensive for its size and capacity
  • Larger rifle capacity
  • Thinner steel gauge
  • Only a key lock
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Much like the other products on this list, this is more of a gun cabinet and less of a gun safe (especially since this one offers 18 gauge steel). However, that thinner steel option means a lower price point, making this one of the most budget-friendly options for storing a long gun.

With simple key access (no other options), you don’t have to worry about any fancy gimmicks to get you into your safe, and what you see is what you get.

It does offer one feature that none of the other safes on this list have, with the addition of a lock box at the top of the cabinet. If you want to give access to the whole safe to someone but not certain items, you can keep it in this controlled access box.

Best Under-Bed Safe

4. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe (Large)

  • Lock: Electronic Lock w/ Key Backup
  • Dimensions: 6" High by 40" Wide by 22" Deep
  • Steel: 14-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Fits well underneath of a bed
  • Large capacity for not being a full size safe
  • Higher quality
  • Hidden from sight
  • Not a great option if your bed isn't off the floor
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Surprisingly, this Under Bed safe offers some of the best steel gauges on this list at 14 gauge steel. While it is not your traditional gun safe (as it lays flat rather than upright), it offers an excellent option for those looking for a great value.

You can open the safe with a key or an electronic keypad. Once you do, you roll out the safe like a drawer, which provides access to the interior of the safe.

You can lag bolt these safes to the ground and tether them to different objects with the included metal cable.

Snapsafe has been around for some time (especially with modular gun safes), making some excellent products. Much like SecureIt above, this is a brand I have come to trust over the years.

Best Pistol Safe

5. Vaultek MXi

  • Lock: Biometric, Phone, Keypad, Portable button, Backup key
  • Dimensions: 15” High by 11.6" Wide by 11.5" Deep
  • Steel: 14 gauge (12 gauge door)
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Many lock options to choose from
  • Larger pistol safe
  • Modular interior
  • Alerts for tampering, humidity and temperature
  • Extremely expensive for the capacity
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Now, if you have a $600 budget but no long guns that you need to store, you should purchase a high-end pistol safe rather than a low-end full-size safe. That high-end safe would be in the form of the Vaultek MXi!

The Vaultek MX is a larger pistol safe (holds up to 8 handguns) that can carry firearms or whatever valuables you want. It offers a tray on top to keep items while not taking up necessary storage on the bottom of the safe.

Its biggest party trick (other than being 14 gauge steel) is that it can be opened in many different ways. This includes phone access, a keypad, a fingerprint, and even a Smart Nano Key proprietary to Vaultek safes. This company is incredible and is at the forefront of intelligent safes.

What should you look for in a cheap gun safe under $600?

Having only $600 for a cheap safe is a relatively low budget nowadays. However, it can be done with the safes you learned about earlier in this article! That said, here is what you should expect!

1. Size & Capacity

In this budget bracket, you should consider buying a safe with the lowest capacity possible or even a pistol safe. While a cheap full-size gun safe may be low on quality and features, a pistol safe of the same price will be one of the best in the industry.

That said if you need something for rifles! You can expect a shorter safe that can handle around 8-guns or fewer.

2. Steel Gauge

Budget safes are not well known for their steel gauge, unfortunately! Most will have between 16-gauge and 18-gauge on average, and I would be surprised (and suspicious) if you find one with thicker steel.

3. Locking Mechanism

While you can find some safes with a high-quality locking mechanism (such as the Fast Box at the top of this list), you can expect a lower-range lock instead. Ensure you are prepared for some failure rate, and always keep your mechanical key backup ready. If you get a pistol safe in this range, you should be set, as they tend to be high-quality.

4. Quality & Value

There is a safe for anyone! While safes under this price point may not offer a high-quality build, you should be aware of what you are buying and be prepared for that. Don’t expect an impenetrable fortress of a gun safe at this price, but you can expect at least something that can help with a smash-and-grab.

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So there you have it: the top five best gun safes under $600! While you may get less on this budget than you used to, some great options should give a good bang for the buck. I hope this article helped you find the best gun safe for your budget.

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