Top 5 Best Cheap Gun Safes Under $600 in 2023

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When I had originally written this article, there were plenty of awesome gun safes that you could buy for under $600, however with supply chain issues and inflation taking place over the past couple of years, I unfortunately have had to release a new article for those, and up the budget to $800. You can read that article here.

Our FavoritesThe Gun SafeRating
Best OverallSecureIt Fast Box Model 475 / 5
Best Smart Full-Size SafeWincent RF24.5 / 5
Best Inexpensive OptionParagon Safes 75503.5 / 5
Best Under Bed SafeSnapsafe Under Bed Safe (Large)4 / 5
Best Pistol SafeVaultek MX5 / 5

1. SecureIt Fast Box Model 47 w/ Vertical Bundle

Best Overall Safe

Dimensions:6.75” High by 47.25” Wide by 13” Deep
Weight:39 pounds
Capacity:1 – 2 Long Guns

Before the past year happened, I highly recommended the SecureIt Agile Model 52 as my top option under $600, however it has unfortunately gone up in price (if you still want to, it is a great safe, and you can get it here). The best alternative to that safe, under the updated pricing has to be the Fast Box Model 47 with the vertical bundle.

This smaller, 2 rifle capacity version of their safes works both in a horizontal and vertical application, and is actually the least expensive safe on this list at under $400. However, you still get the awesome quality that SecureIt is known for, and the cradle grid technology (just at a smaller scale).

You can still opt for bins, and other accessories that the larger cabinets have, and you can easily mount it to the wall or the floor with provided mounting holes.

It should be noted, as prices have gone up, many of the awesome safes that were previously in this article have now moved over to the best gun safes under $800 article here! I would highly recommend taking a look at it.

2. Wincent RF2

Best Smart Full-Size Safe

Dimensions:High by 16.5″ Wide by 38.8″ Deep
Weight:110 pounds
Capacity:5 – 7 Long Guns

Wincent Pro is an up and coming brand right now that I have slowly been warming up to over time. Now that other brands have quickly raising their prices out of many peoples budgets, this safe is now becoming a great bargain.

Instead of creating their own louver system for their safes interior, they opted for the tried and true Molle system, which allows you to be able to completely customize your safe with accessories you already probably have at home now.

The safe can be opened with a keypad, fingerprint (can hold up to 40 prints), or a physical key (for when you really need in at any cost). For those that are worried about the battery running out, they allow for external power supplies to be plugged in for easy access.

The safe is also quick access, as the rifles are lined up agains the back wall, rather than in a u-shaped rack.

3. Paragon Safes 7550

Best Inexpensive Option

Dimensions:54.25″ High by 19.75” Wide by 11” Deep
Weight:102 pounds
Capacity:8 Long Guns

Much like the other products on this list, this is more of a gun cabinet, and less of a gun safe (especially since this one offers 18 gauge steel). However, with that thinner steel option, means a lower price point, making this one of the most budget friendly options for if you need to store a long gun.

With a simple key access (no other options), you don’t have to worry about any fancy gimmicks to get you into your safe, and what you see is what you get.

It does offer one feature that none of the other safes on this list have, with the addition of a lock box at the top of the cabinet. If you want to give access to the whole safe to someone, but not certain items, you can keep it in this controlled access box.

4. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe (Large)

Best Underbed Safe

Dimensions:High by 40″ Wide by 22″Deep
Weight:105 pounds
Capacity:1 – 3 Long Guns

Surprisingly, this Under Bed safe offers some of the best steel gauge on this list at 14 gauge steel. While it is not your traditional gun safe (as it lays flat, rather than upright), it offers and awesome option for those that are looking for a great value.

You are able to open up the safe with either a key, or an electronic keypad. Once you do, you roll out the safe like a drawer, which provides access to the interior of the safe.

Not only can you lag bolt these safes to the ground, you can also tether them to different objects with the included metal cable.

Snapsafe has been around for quite some time (especially with modular gun safes), and they make some awesome products. Much like SecureIt above, this is a brand I have come to trust over the years.

5. Vaultek MX

Best Pistol Safe

Dimensions:11.6″ High by 11.5″ Wide by 15″ Deep
Weight:32 pounds
Capacity:8 Handguns

Now, if you have a $600 budget, but don’t have any long guns that you need to store. You might be wise, and purchase a high end pistol safe, rather than a low end full-size safe. That high end safe would be in the form of the Vaultek MXi!

The Vaultek MX is a larger pistol safe (holds up to 8 handguns), that can either hold firearms, or whatever valuables you might want. It offers a tray on top, so that you can keep items, while not taking up important storage on the bottom of the safe.

Its biggest party trick (other than being 14 gauge steel), is the fact that it can be opened in so many different ways. This includes phone access, keypad, fingerprint, and even a Smart Nano Key that is proprietary to Vaultek safes.

This company really is incredible, and is at the forefront of smart safes.

How much does a decent gun safe cost?

Gun safe pricing has been slowly creeping up over the past couple years! You used to be able to get awesome full-size gun safes for under $600, but now you need to compromise a bit to make that happen. Instead, you should plan on spending around $1000 to get a reasonable gun safe.

That said, if you do have a budget of just $600, the products on this list are all awesome values for what they are (when you look at the market as a whole right now). Just know, that if you do find a full-size gun safe (not a gun cabinet) for under $600 at the moment, make sure to keep a close eye on reviews of it, as I have been unable to locate any myself.

Are cheap gun safes worth it?

I am a big proponent that everyone that has firearms, should have a gun safe to store them in. Of course, not everyone is able to purchase an expensive, high end gun safe, so getting an inexpensive and cheap gun safe is going to be the best for you.

Make sure you are fully aware of what you are buying at a cheaper price point though, and plan accordingly. In the end, when you are buying a gun safe, you are buying time. The less you spend, the less time you are buying yourself. If you buys a cheaper gun safe, make sure that you have more plans in place to make sure you can get authorities to your home in a quicker time span.

Should bullets be stored in a safe?

You should never store your ammo in the same container as your firearms. Common sense goes to show, that if someone were to be able to break into your safe, they would have access to both components needed to utilize your firearms.

Bullets should also not be stored in an air-tight container, as they break down over time, and give off a gas. This gas is flammable, and essentially can turn an air-tight container into and explosive.


So there you have it, that is the top five best gun safes under $600! While you may not be able to get quite as much on this budget as you used to, there are some great options that should give a good bang for the buck. I hope that this article helped you out on your search for the best gun safe for your budget.

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