Is Chemex’s New Electric Chettle The Best Coffee Kettle?

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I was on Chemex’s website today, and stumbled upon this really cool kettle called the Chettle (Yes, “Chettle”, like Chemex and Kettle put together) that they recently launched. It has all the features, and the aesthetics of an awesome kettle!

What makes a great coffee kettle?

Before we get too far into talking about this specific kettle, let’s talk about the difference between the normal water kettle and what this kettle is!

Coffee kettles are meant to give a very specific amount of water flow, as they are used mainly for making pour over coffee. Pour over requires a very constant flow of coffee to give the best flavor possible.

Most kettles that people have in their homes are more meant to just heat up water for hot cocoa or for other needs, and they work awesome for that! However these purpose built kettles tend to be more expensive, but give exactly what you need for a great cup of pour over coffee. 

[Image courtesy of Chemex]

Favorite Features

There are a couple great features that the Chettle has (outside of just an awesome name) and I’d like to detail them below!

The included heater

Many kettles out there require your to heat it up on a stove. The issue with this is that it is very difficult to get precisely the heat you want, and to keep it at that heat. 

With the heater for this kettle, it will heat it up quickly, and it can also keep it at that heat for up to 30 minutes!

The Flow Rate 

As mentioned before, the flow rate of a kettle is important to give a great cup of coffee. Chemex has tested this unit to give the best flow rate for anyone’s personal preference. Personally, with Chemex’s history, I tend to trust that. They have been around a little while.

Capacity of the Chettle

One thing I can’t stand, is not having a big enough cup for my coffee. Even worse is not being able to make enough coffee. With the Chettle, you can make up to 40 ounces of hot water at a time. That should be enough I would think!

Other notable features

  • Touch screen display to easily adjust temperature
  • Will automatically shut off


  • Capacity: 40.5 ounces
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Kettle And Base Dimensions: 11″ High by 11.5″ Wide
  • Base Dimensions: 6.125″ Wide by 3.25″ High
  • Kettle Dimensions: 11.5″ Wide by 8″ High

How much does it cost?

The Chettle shows as $149.99 on Chemex’s site and it appears Crate & Barrel is selling it for that price as well! You can probably count on that being the cost no matter where you are going to go.

In the end, Chemex is a premium product, and you’ll pay for that premium name. However much like in cars, you do get what you pay for.


  • A very high end, nice kettle
  • Heats itself up
  • Maintains consistent heat
  • Very controlled pour


  • Is on the high end with price
  • Would be great to have an insulated version as well

Comparable Kettle Options

Chemex is one of my favorite coffee accessory manufacturers, however if this Chettle isn’t quite what you are needing, here are some other options worth looking into!

  • The Fellow Products Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is a very cool option, and is probably the most direct competitor.
  • If you need something cheaper, and are able to lose some features, Bodum has the Melior that should work for most purposes.


If you are really getting into coffee, and are looking for a great way to make pour over coffee, this Chettle might be a great option for you! Just be aware it is expensive.

With having this many features and the ability to maintain heat, it would be perfect for entertaining, or if it is just for you.

Need a good pour over coffee maker to use with this? The Chemex Funnex would complete the set!

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