Art and Coffee, Chemex is the best of both worlds

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Two images of the Chemex Ottomatic
[Images courtesy of Chemex]

Chemex is a maker of coffee makers, coffee filters, coffee carafes, coffee mugs and according to the Brooklyn Museum, Corning Museum of Glass, and the Museum of Modern art, they make pure art.

Chemex has been around since 1941, and was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm who held around 300 patents in his time.

With a desire to make a great cup of coffee, as well as a great looking product he invented what we now know today as the Chemex Carafe. With his background as a chemist this allowed him to know exactly how to extract coffee perfectly, and resulted in a very great product.

So what is a Chemex?

At it’s basic level, Chemex is a pour over style coffee carafe, there are a couple ways to brew it, including using their Ottomatic coffee maker or just by performing a pour over.

The company offers an array of ways to purchase, including many styles of the carafe (even handblown), a coffee maker with the carafe incorporated, or you can purchase every piece separately.

The great things is, you can get started for under $40.

Chemex Carafe
[Image courtesy of Chemex]

Other things to know about Chemex

There are quite a few awesome things you can do with a Chemex, and if you purchase on their website, you can even personalize it to your liking.

This includes customizing the Rawhide (yes this is so nice it has rawhide), the lazer engraved collar, and even sandblasting the carafe.


Over the years, Chemex has been perfecting a great way to make coffee. I really like they have found a way to keep their product high end, and not compromising on quality, however allowing anyone to be able to enter into their brand for a low cost if they choose.

While I personally really like the Ottomatic coffee maker they have, their classic carafe allows for a quick and simple fix (and you can find it at for Walmart) those who want to keep things simple. I think this, in conjunction with a portable espresso maker would allow for the perfect combination of coffee makers.

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