Chemex Releases The Funnex, A “Fun” To-Go Coffee Brewer

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Chemex seems to be having a lot of fun with their names lately on the new products! Recently they launched one of my favorite coffee kettles with the “Chettle” (read more about that here), and now they have released the Funnex, which you guessed it, is a funnel and Chemex combined.

The idea behind the Funnex is really simple, it is a portable, easy to use, single cup alternative to their standard pour over Chemex versions. It would work awesome for different styles of mugs, as they have included a gasket that will adapt to quite a few different mug styles, including small mouthed travel mugs.

[Image courtesy of Chemex]

If you are planning on using one of these at home, I may also recommend the Chemex Double Walled Coffee Mug that found its way on my best coffee mugs list here.

Keep in mind, this funnel coffee mug is a glass style, just like most of their other products, so you will want to keep an eye on it while traveling, however because of the size of it, I’m not terribly worried.

This also uses Chemex’s proprietary chemex FP-2N filters, so make sure to stock up on those if you plan on buying one of these.

The Funnex will work just like any other pour over coffee maker, and if you need a refresher on that, make sure to read this article here about that.


  • Height: 4.50″
  • Width: 4.25″
  • Brew Size: 5oz – 15oz
  • Details: Dishwasher safe


This Chemex Funnex pour over coffee maker is reasonable priced, and for the most part in line with most of the other premium pour over coffee makers at $34.99 (at time of this writing).

Also, if you really want to have the full setup, the mug in the picture below is the Chemex glass mug.

[Image courtesy of Chemex]

Main Competitors

Some competitors to this in the travel side of things are the Aeropress Go (or standard Aeropress), as well as even the Bodum Travel Press. Of course these are each their own style of brewing, but they will get you a great cup of coffee when traveling.


Chemex makes some of the best quality, coolest, design first coffee products out there. This just adds to the list. If you want to take your standard Chemex traveling, this might be the better option, as it is much more to-go friendly.

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