Is the Coffee Gator Pour Over Right For Your Home?

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The coffee market has been growing and growing over the past couple of decades. Now there are the perfect coffee makers, coffee, and coffee accessories for really anyone’s taste. Coffee Gator is one of those companies that is trying to show their best products off.

Today we have the Coffee GatorPour Over Coffee Brewer with Reusable Stainless Steel Mesh Filter. This pour over coffee maker is great for those that don’t want to deal with one time use filters, and for those that just like a cool designed pour over.

Straying away from the classic look of a Chemex, or a Bodum, Coffee Gator gives a much more modern look to their coffee maker by including a metal style filter, and a handled hour glass shaped carafe.

While this coffee maker may be a 3 cup (13.5 ounces) they do also come in a smaller, and a larger size as well.

Other great things about this purchase would be its 30 day return policy, as well as a 1 year warranty. You don’t have to worry about the purchase, because if you don’t like it, return it.


  • Price: $30.99
  • Brew Style: Pour Over
  • Height: 6”
  • Capacity: 14 oz
  • Filter Style: Metal Cone
  • Carafe Material: Heat resistant Borosilicate Glass


  • Uses a metal filter, so no buying new filters
  • Cool more modern styling
  • Made of glass, which results in higher quality


  • Some people would prefer paper filters

Who is this for?

Pour over coffee makers in general are for those that want to have complete control over their coffee brew in the morning. They are flexible, and can allow you to make stronger or weaker coffee depending on how you feel.

These coffee makers aren’t great for those that don’t have much time in the morning to make coffee. For those I would recommend an automatic coffee maker, or possibly an Aeropress. Maybe the Aeropress Go?


There are a lot of different pour over coffee makers on the market at this point. So it really is up to you as to what you want yours to look like. 

I would say the major competitor to this would be a Bodum, as it is less expensive but essentially does the same thing. 

If you want something a little higher end, a Chemex would be a great alternative. You can read this article, where it talks about the differences between the two of those.


Coffee Gator is one of those awesome companies where you can pretty much buy your complete coffee set up from start to finish (outside of the coffee beans themselves) from their website. 

You should definitely take a look at their website by visiting this link here.

That said, this pour over is probably going to be perfect for a lot of people out there, and I hope you enjoy it!
Also, if you don’t know how to use a pour over coffee maker, you might want to visit this article I wrote about exactly that topic!

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