Here’s why Corner Bolts are an important Gun Safe upgrade

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The Browning Platinum Plus Series is a great example of safes with corner bolts [Image courtesy of Browning]

While debated within the industry, the idea behind corner bolts are to secure the four corners of the safe door. Historically, this is the weakest point on any gun safe door, as this is an easy point for a pry bar to be placed.

The issue with the corners of a standard door, are that if a pry bar is able to be inserted into the corner, it is much easier to bend the steel at that point, rather than in the middle of the door.

The Solution To The Problem

With gun safe corner bolts, even if a pry bar is inserted, it is presented with a new level of security, and keeps the steel from flexing. This means that the pry bar isn’t able to get to the easiest part of the safe. Meaning they have to move on to the next thing.

As it is always said, you are buying time, not something that is impenetrable.

Star Corner Bolts by Fort Knox

Fort Knox Corner bolts are a patented design
While corner bolt are available on many safes, star corner bolts are patented by Fort Knox [Picture Courtesy of Fort Knox]

Fort Knox recently release its star corner bolt, with the flat sides, and the angled end. With this shape it lays flat along the frame of the safe.

This design applies pressure to the bolt and is distributed throughout more steel instead of one point like a round bolt.

Also on the note of different styles of locking bolts, make sure to check out this article about how Liberty switched over to Military Style locking bars.

To purchase a Fort Knox safe, visit their dealer locator.

Other safes that have corner bolts

Corner bolts can also be found on a couple other well known safes. Browning has it on their Medallion and Platinum plus series. It is also included on some Liberty and some other manufacturer’s safe.


With all of that, while corner bolts aren’t super common in gun safes, it is definitely something you should keep an eye on. They offer some great protection agains pry attacks, and could mean the difference between someone accessing your safe or not.

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