The Corvo EKG Electric Kettle Is The Best Alternative To The Stagg EKG

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A while back I had featured the Stagg EKG electric kettle on the site, however I have realized that that kettle isn’t perfect for everyone. So I wanted to make sure the Corvo EKG electric kettle is also featured.

The Corvo EKG is very close in specifications to the Stagg EKG where it has its own platform for heating, so that you don’t have to heat your water up on the stove, rather wherever you would like.

It also has the hold modes, and most of the same features.

So what is different?

The Corvo EKG is more meant for people that want all the awesome features of the Stagg EKG, but don’t plan on using it for pour over coffee.

With its wider mouth at the top, it won’t have as much water flow that you would get from the Stagg EKG, however it will allow for quicker flow.

This makes it perfect for any other use that doesn’t require that consistent flow like French Press, Tea, Hot Chocolate, or anything else.

How can you buy it, and how much is it?

It’s extremely easy to buy on Fellow Products’ website for $149, click here to visit that page! While you are over there you should definitely look at the rest of their products as well.

Who is Fellow Products?

This company continues to be one of my favorite coffee accessory companies. I personally own their Carter Everywhere Mug, and want really anything else on their site.

They specialize in everything that revolves around coffee, like pour over coffee makers, coffee carafes, mugs and more. They all follow a very common theme with flat paint stylings with toned down colors.

It all is extremely cool.


If you are on the hunt for an electric kettle, but don’t need the consistent flow of the Stagg EKG, this Corvo EKG may be exactly what you need!
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