DECKED Truck Bed Organizers Make Your Truck Better

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The DECKED truck bed organizer is an insert for you truck bed that allows you to be able to organize everything in the bed of your truck, as well as continue to be able to use the truck bed as it was meant for!

To really show how awesome a DECKED truck bed organizer really is, it is important I think to really quickly talk about the competitors and then look more at what DECKED has to offer.

The competitors to DECKED

There are a couple competitors that come time mind.

The tonneau cover

The tonneau cover is probably going to be the first think about, however the issue with this, is you can’t put anything on top of the cover. While Decked does work with a tonneau cover.

It also doesn’t really organize anything underneath of it, and leaves everything to roll around in the truck bed.

Truck tool box

Yes, a tool box would be extremely similar! However it takes up quite a bit of length from your truck bed, and also means you can’t add a headache rack or a sport bar if you wanted to.

No change to your truck bed

Another option is to leave nothing on top of the truck bed, however this again doesn’t organize it, as well as it tends to fill with snow during the winter.

Why DECKED is better

As you can see above, the competitors have their issues. DECKED solves those by giving a full size organization system in the bottom of the truck. These are are full length drawers that can be pulled out.

However, unlike normal organizers, it can also have a load of up 2000 pounds (past the normal capacity of a 1/4 ton truck) on top of the DECKED. This means you can still carry dirt bikes, cargo, and really anything on top of it.

The other awesome thing, is that you can continue to use your favorite headache rack or sport bar with the DECKED organizer! It doesn’t take up the space like a normal tool box does.

Other Options

While my focus is more on the standard truck, you can also buy DECKED organizers for work trucks, as well as for cargo vans and service body trucks.

What would I buy?

I think if I were to invest in this system, I would move towards their overland packages.

This gives you a lightweight version of the DECKED organizer, and is meant to keep the truck light but give great storage. It can still handle 2000 pounds on top of it, and each drawer can handle up to 200 pounds.


There are of course so many options out there when you are building up your truck, however I really think you should look at DECKED if you want to keep your truck organized, and still functional.

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