This is The Delter Press Coffee Maker

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You probably have heard of the French Press and Aeropress, and if you have paid attention to this site, you have probably even heard of the American Press, however if you haven’t looked into the Delter Press, you likely haven’t finished your coffee maker research as you should.

What is the Delter Press?

The Delter Press is an jet press brewer that actually works for similar to the Aeropress, however instead of mixing the coffee and water in a chamber like the Aeropress. It instead keeps the water and coffee grounds separate until there is pressure, then they are jetted through the filter under pressure.

How to use it?

If you are wanting a better idea of how this all works, make sure to watch the video below!


I am a huge fan of portable, manual coffee makers. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to try the Delter Press yet, however based off what I have seen online, this could be a great coffee maker!

I have no doubt the coffee will taste great, and it should be a ton of fun to use.

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