Trucks vs Cars: Which one last longer than the other?

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Vehicle buyers should be aware that if maintained properly trucks will usually last longer than cars. Many families and businesses who are planning to purchase a vehicle would like to find out the typical life of a car and truck so that they can arrange for funds accordingly.

Typically the cars from top brands like Toyota can be used for up to ten years without requiring major repairs, while trucks are often used for twenty years. Some of the reasons why trucks will usually last for a far longer time compared to cars are described below, so that a vehicle buyer can take the right decision after reviewing the information provided.


The truck is used mostly for commercial (whether for company use, or to rent out) applications, the truck buyer will want a reliable truck which can be used for many hours daily without component or part failure. So the truck manufacturer is aware that the truck buyer wants a high quality vehicle which is durable.

The price of a new truck is also much higher than a car. Hence the truck manufacturer can afford to use the best quality components, use the most durable materials available so that there are fewer problems with the truck, and it can be used for many years without major repairs.

In contrast, cars are mainly used for commuting to the workplace and other similar applications for a few hours daily. They are also not designed to carry very heavy loads. The price of a car, is a major consideration while purchasing the car for the car buyer.

So the car manufacturer will use components, materials for the car, based on the price at which he is planning to sell the car. Though the cars from Japanese manufacturers like Toyota are lasting for a longer time compared to other cars, typically most cars cannot be used for more than ten to twenty years.


Another reason why trucks can be used for a longer time period is the design of the truck. Since trucks will often be used for more than 15 hours daily, the truck manufacturer is designing the different components of the truck so that the components do not fail or overheat despite being used continuously.

Hence the engine, transmission, braking system in a truck is far more rugged compared to the corresponding parts in the car. So the better design of the truck and its various components make it far more durable, last for up to twenty years, which is far more than the life of a typical car.


Since the truck is used for commercial applications, the truck owner is investing a large amount in the truck and would like to ensure that it lasts for the longest time possible. Hence the truck driver and crew is often trained in the basic maintenance of the truck, to ensure that the truck is well maintained.

The truck driver is able to change the oil, clean or change the air filter and do the basic maintenance tasks himself. He can detect any problem in the truck like oil leakage, noise at the early stage itself. This ensures that only basic inexpensive repairs are required, the truck will last longer.

In contrast many car owners are using their cars for commuting only, they are not interested in doing the basic maintenance themselves. A significant percentage of car drivers are women who are not interested in doing maintenance tasks like cleaning the filters. In some cases, the car owner may not maintain the car well because he does not have the time or money to do so.

While truck drivers are trained professionals who are often trained to drive the vehicle carefully to maximize its life, car drivers are often not aware of how rash driving can reduce the life of their car.


The life of a truck or car depends to a large extent on the design, car brand, maintenance, driving style and other factors. Experts have observed that vehicles from Japanese brands like Toyota have a better design and last longer compared to other brands.

Since trucks are more expensive, more rugged, they will usually last for up to twenty years, which is far longer than cars which can be used for only ten years.

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