Do you have to remove garage cabinets to replace floor?

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Garage cabinets can make your garage look pretty nice, but they are also more than just something nice to look at. The cabinets help you organize and store all your stuff like tools, chemicals, gas cans, etc. So the cabinets become very useful when it comes time to do some household tasks or repairs. If you need to remove them for whatever reason, here is what you need to know about removing cabinets from a garage.

Garage cabinets are attached with bolts that go through the cabinets into wall studs that support either side of the cabinets. Removing the cabinets requires first finding each bolt along each side of both cabinets and loosening them to remove them from inside one cabinet. Once removed from its respective cabinet, two cross members are attached to cabinets with even more bolts. These cross members must be removed before cabinets can be safely disconnected from them. Once cabinets are free of wall studs, they can be safely slid out and moved away to make room for the replacement cabinets.

Once you have replaced your cabinets, it may sound like you need someone to help you lift the new cabinets into place again if just one person is available for this task. If there is space between studs where extra support could go, ask your local hardware store employee about getting some long metal braces that will act as temporary supports until new cabinets can be secured back into position.

Replacing cabinets will not take as long as you think if you heed the advice above.

By following these simple instructions, you should have your cabinets back in position in no time.

The cabinets in your garage will probably not impact the flooring if you decide to replace them. Of course, cabinets come with other issues that may cause problems depending on their type and how old they are.

If cabinets lack support or do not sit flush against one another, then this is a chance that replacement flooring will be affected. Cabinets that aren’t attached well can create large gaps between cabinets and walls, making installation difficult or impossible. It can also leave you with unsightly gaps in the finished product. If the cabinets look like they came with your home when it was built, they probably weren’t installed properly and most likely were made at a factory before being delivered to the home.

If cabinets have been added on to or modified by a previous owner, there is a chance that these cabinets could be improperly installed. It’s unlikely, but cabinets that are not attached properly around the garage door tracks can cause problems depending on where they were placed. New cabinets should be level with one another and without any gaps between them and the walls. Placing cabinets too close to or hanging over floor mounts can also create issues if you aren’t careful when installing new cabinets over top of old ones. Removing cabinets will make it easier to install new cabinets, but only if the supporting beams and wall studs for those cabinets haven’t rotted away. If your garage is floored with plywood over beams, you won’t have to remove cabinets to replace the flooring.

Regardless of the type of cabinets you choose, all cabinets benefit from having cabinets secured together tightly and without gaps between cabinets or walls. Gaps can interfere with installing new cabinets, which is why removing cabinets may be your only option.

Are there cabinets in the garage that you have to take out before starting a new flooring project? Well, not necessarily. You could keep them in the same place and refinish them simultaneously as you replace your old concrete floor with a new one. It is always better if cabinets are taken out because it makes work easier, and there is less chance of damaging cabinets or making mistakes while working on your project.

Cabinets can be removed even if you want to reface them instead of replacing them entirely. This way, they will still look great when finished, but they won’t get damaged during demolition, for example.

However, there are some cabinets that you could not take out while replacing the floor. This is because cabinets are attached to the wall, and you will probably have to remove drywall before starting your project if cabinets are attached to them.

Removing cabinets can be done by yourself; however, it is recommended that a professional garage floor contractor do this job so cabinets could get damaged or cabinets won’t get in the way of works. You don’t want cabinets to lay on the ground and get dirty and scratched. Also, they could fall if handled improperly.

However, cabinets can be left in your garage during renovation. Still, at least one person should stand guard over cabinets just in case they need some repairs or cleaning up later on after renovation ends.


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