Ferno Grills fixes the main problem with gas grills

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There will always be the fight between those who say charcoal grilling is the best, and those that say gas grills are the best.

One of the main reasons someone would want to gas grill is the ease. You can just turn on the grill and it heats itself up to whatever you want it to, and then keep it at that.

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However charcoal grills tend to be much more flexible in the direction, and intensity of the heat that it presents.

With the Ferno grill, it gives the best of both world!

Ferno Grills offers a grill with an adjustable height gas grill burners. This allows a gas grill to be able to do anything from searing, smoking, and even roasting.

Main features of the Ferno Grill

Adjustable height burners

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The Ferno Grill obviously features the adjustable height burners.

With the turn of a crank, the burners (and even the knobs) adjust depending on where you want them.

Want to cook something slowly? Just turn the crank, and it will lower to where you want it. Want to cook something quickly? I think you get it…

Cast Iron grates

This grill comes with cast iron grates. The “grate” thing about these is that they retain heat much better than stainless steel, as well as become seasoned with age.

This means, the longer you have it, the better it gets.

Also, as a cool party trick, you can flip the grates over depending on what you are cooking.

One side is your standard grill grate, the other side is flattened, to allow for cooking fish, and lean hamburgers.

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The Ferno Grill is very cool. We personally have quite a few grills, but our gas grill gets used the most, because it is just easier and fits well with our busy life.

If we had the Ferno Grill, it would probably give us the better experience we are looking for that only our charcoal grill is able to offer currently.

If you want to purchase your own, make sure to visit Ferno Grill website below.

Now, if only I had some good steak

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