Reviewing the FitBit Inspire, from someone who owned the Alta

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I recently purchased the Fitbit Inspire from Walmart, as I was looking for a simple, yet effective way to track steps and keep track of the time.

Let’s get started with what is different between the Alta and Inspire, and then I’ll go more in depth with what the Inspire does well!

Fitbit Inspire with packaging
The packaging was pretty simple

What is different about the Inspire?

Touch screen

Fitbit Inspire Touch Screen
The touch screen may be small, but it is rather functional

The Inspire introduced a touch screen to the base level watch fitness tracker.

The Alta used a tap navigation style, basically you would tap the watch and it would work it’s way through the screens on the tracker.

The Inspire on the other hand uses a touch screen where you swipe up and down, and then use the button on the side to click enter.

I’m not 100% sold on the touch screen of the new tracker, it doesn’t feel super intuitive, and probably prefer the tap style that the Inspire had.

I just don’t feel like I need to be able to go that far into the settings on the watch, and swiping is harder than tapping on such a small screen.

New button on the side

Fitbit Inspire Button
The button on the side is a new addition to the Inspire

Putting the opinions of the touch screen to the side, it is nice to have the button on the watch. It gives a nice way to be able to confirm things on the watch.

It also allows for a bit more functionality than the Alta had, by allowing for multiple levels of menus.

New watch band

The fitbit inspire band
The Inspire comes with two different band sizes and is different style than before

The new watch band that comes with the Inspire is very nice. It has a loop at the end, and this unit comes with both the small, and large sized bands. This means you won’t buy the wrong one anymore.

More Settings

Because of the combination of the button, and touch screen you can adjust the screen wake, check battery levels, turn on and off notifications, and even adjust if you are using the Inspire on your wrist, or the add on clip.

So what does the Fitbit Inspire do well!

Now that we have the differences out of the way, lets go more in depth with why I like this Fitness tracker, and chose it over all of the rest.

This tracker is comfortable

Most watches tend to be semi uncomfortable. The Inspire (and Alta) are very very comfortable. I tend to forget they are on my wrist, and because of the shape they tend to allow for your wrist to move completely free.

The Fitness Inspire is simple

Inspire full view
It’s a simple product, but works well

I am on the computer, or my phone all day. I personally don’t really need another screen to look at. The Inspire keeps things super simple, and only gives me the info I absolutely need.

It tracks my steps

From what I can tell, this tracker tracks my steps accurately, and because it is on my wrist, it tracks it throughout the day without me thinking about it.

I tend to put my phone on my desk, or set it down throughout the day, so it isn’t a great option for tracking my steps.

The app works great

One of the other reasons I bought the Fitbit Inspire, is because the Fitbit app works really well. It tracks water intake, steps, workouts, your weight, and food intake.

It will also tell you at the end of the day what calories you have burned, and keeps in mind your normal calories you burn without exercise.

The price is a great value

On REI, the watch can be purchase without the heart rate function (what I bought) for $69.95, or $99.95 for the one with the heart rate function.

At that price, it puts it well below the price of many of it’s competitors that are full out smart watches. However it still has the quality you need from a good fitness tracker.


As of this writing, the Inspire is by far my favorite fitness tracker on the market, and highly recommend it. And you should be able to find it at any outdoors store.

If you can find an Alta used, for half the price, I would definitely entertain that option, as it does basically all the same things.

No matter which you choose, it should work well for you!

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