The Flair Espresso Is One Of The Best Manual Espresso Makers

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Have you ever wanted a delicious cup of espresso in the morning, but don’t want to spend the crazy amount it takes to buy a full out automatic espresso maker? Well, Flair Espresso could possibly be exactly what you are looking for.

The Flair Espresso is a manual espresso maker that keeps a simplistic, portable, and usable design to give you awesome coffee whenever you need it. 

There are three different versions to choose from, the Classic, Signature, and the PRO 2. Each one ads more features as they go.

For most people the Classic will be perfect though at a good fraction of the cost.

How does it work?

It is so extremely simple, all you have to do is these simple steps:

  1. Assemble the Flair espresso
  2. Grind your beans
  3. Pre-heat brew head with boiling water (cold brew heads will remove heat and cause under-extraction, which leads to a sour or acidic flavor) 
  4. Put in the brew head and press down pushing the water through the coffee

It is extremely simple, and an easy design.

So what is so great about the Flair Espresso?

With an extremely simple and elegant design, the Flair Espresso is able to achieve 6-9 bars of pressure that is perfect for that great shot of espresso.

Because of its simple design it can also be torn down quickly, and stored away or transported in its carrying case that comes with all 3 versions.

You may also be thinking, wow even the classic is expensive, however when you compare these units to what it would cost to get a good quality automatic espresso maker, you will be back to shopping these ones.

Classic, Signature, PRO 2, what’s the difference?

For most people as you will find, the Classic will probably be the choice for your home! However if you are a power user, you might want to think about upgrading, just to have the unit be a bit nicer.

Own a cafe and want to use this? The PRO 2 is where it is at. Being able to have that pressure kit standard, as well as a silicone grip handle is perfect for what you need.

ClassicSignaturePro 2
Color1 Color Choice3 Color Choices3 Color Choices (Premium)
Brew HeadStandardStandardStainless Steel
PortafilterBottomless 2-in-1Bottomless 2-in-1Stainless Steel
Pressure KitUpgradableUpgradableStandard
Silicone HandleNoNoYes
Removable SpoutNoNoYes
Stainless Steel Drip TrayNoNoYes

What grind coffee do you need?

Sorry,  this time around you can’t get around using store bought grinds. You will want to make sure you are able to grind your own coffee at varying grinds to get the taste you want. 

Much like standard espresso this is going to be on the fine end of things, however you obviously will want to adjust it to your liking.


The Flair Espresso maker is a really cool design, easy to transport, fun to use, and is reasonably priced. I guess that is why it is found on my best manual espresso maker list that you can read here?

If this is something that you would like to buy, make sure to visit Flair Espresso’s website here where you can choose which one you want.

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