Glasses Fogging Up? You Need Fog Block

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KeySmart normally makes really really great key organizers like this one, however ever since we started dealing with COVID-19 they have began to help out everyone by releasing some awesome products like this one, and even the CleanKey.

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]
[Image courtesy of KeySmart]
[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

So what is Fog Block?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! It keeps your glasses from fogging up, especially when you are wearing a mask.

Yeah, you know what I mean, you are wearing your glasses, or sun glasses, and you decide to breath (who doesn’t right), and sure enough you are greeted by the inability to see.

Fog block is a spray that you put on your glasses, and it keeps it from doing that!

Where can you get it?

KeySmart sells it directly on their site for a small price of a little under $15. Makes sure to click the button below to learn more and to buy.

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