Ford teams up with Dr Pepper to make a 15-Pack of soda

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Well, I must say, I wasn’t expecting to see this today!

It turns out the new Ford Expedition has so many cup holders, that they had to team up with Dr Pepper to make a case of soda to fit all 15 cup holders that the Expedition has.

[Image courtesy of Ford]

The Ford Expedition is the largest SUV in Ford’s consumer lineup, and recently went through a massive overhaul.

“We’re solving one of Expedition’s last unsolved big customer needs – what to do with 15 cupholders,”

Adam Longarzo

I mean, I wouldn’t exactly call this a big customer need, as it will likely be cheaper to purchase a 24 pack. However still a very cool marketing idea!

I will mention… if you fill all 15 cup holders with a soda, and the max capacity of the vehicle is 8, that equals a lot… of energy. Might not want to drink them all at one time.

Ford Expedition
[Image courtesy of Ford]

Limited Edition

These are of course limited edition boxes of Dr. Pepper, and will be given away at the University of Texas versus University of Oklahoma football game this year.


All that said though, I really like the Expedition, and it was a much needed upgrade over the earlier generation of the same vehicle. Especially now that we can have the King Ranch trim again.

As for the Dr. Pepper side, I wonder what the inside of the box looks like? 15 is an odd number… meaning one side has an extra can?

Now I think they should team up with a coffee company like Drive Coffee for the Raptor. I would buy that!

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