6 Months Owning a ForeverSpin Top [Full Review]

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The ForeverSpin Tops may not spin forever, however they are built with quality that should last forever, and you will have enjoyment that lasts forever. About six months ago, ForeverSpin sent me out a Titanium version of their top, as well as a stainless steel spinning base (the older version, as a new one has been released since) to review, and try out!

After this many months, it is still the favorite desk accessory that I have, and even though I may not use it as much as when I first bought it, I would still recommend it to anyone wanting a great, usable desk accessory.

Let’s dig right into the features that ForeverSpin advertises as their main points as to why you should buy their product, and see how they stand up to actual usage over 6 months or so.

Boost In Creativity And Focus

I think this definitely holds true to the product, and what it is able to achieve. So much throughout the day we have things that take our time, and don’t really allow us to focus. 

If you are at a desk, you tend to be looking at a computer screen for 8+ hours of your day, and just need something where you don’t need to get up from your desk, but can take your eyes away from the computer screen for a bit.

The ForeverSpin definitely does give you this option, and gives you a sense of achievement when it spins just the way you want it to. Sometimes it’s the small wins.

Educational On All Fronts

Now with this one, I think it would be important to buy one of their sets of different ForeverSpin Spinning Tops to get the full effect of this. This is because with different materials you could learn how each one compares to the other.

While I only have one, I don’t quite get the full effect, however I do feel it is educational in the sense of trying to figure out how to spin it for longer, and the needed technique.

Because of this, it is fun, and educational.

Timeless Art

I think this is my favorite part of owning this product! It really looks awesome on my desk, and I never really get tired of it. It has just the right amount of sheen, and the base looks extremely high end. I wish I had the new base though, as it is even more so!

If you are really into modern design, then this is for you!

Challenge Yourself

Spinning this top is surprisingly difficult and takes some time to learn. This makes it exciting every time you use it, as you can feel yourself getting better and better at it over time.

I will say, the learning curve in the beginning is what caused some scratches on my spinning base due to dropping it on the surface, and it spinning with a bit too much of a wobble. So I highly recommend keeping an eye on dropping it on the glass. Also, I’m not sure if this is an issue any longer on the newer, nicer spinning bases.


  • Looks awesome on your desk
  • Helps with stress when you need to look away from the screen
  • Great quality design
  • Many different versions to choose from
  • The packaging is really cool, make sure to watch my video about this


  • After a while, it isn’t something you will likely use regularly
  • On my demo unit, the glass gets scratched from the spinning top sometimes
  • Definitely a hefty price

Who should buy a ForeverSpin Spinning Top

This desk accessory is best suited for those that have a desk job, and their own dedicated space to keep it. It also may not be great for those that sit in close proximity to other people, as I’m sure it could get a bit annoying to others to hear it spin and fall constantly.

That said, it is great for those that have their own space, a desk, and need to get their eyes off of a computer screen! It also is awesome for those that need to relieve some stress by fidgeting with something. It is basically a cooler and more sophisticated fidget spinner, lets be honest.

How can you get your own ForeverSpin?

These can be bought directly through ForeverSpin’s website, and you will find a button at the bottom of this post that will link to their site! Alternatively, this is also a great place to easily buy one as well.

The price ranges widely from $34 at the low, to $164 at the high end for the spinning top. The base is optional and runs between $39 to $68. 

You can of course spend a lot more money if you really wanted to, going up to $1274 for the Full MetalMuseum Collection, which includes all of the spinning top, 4 docks, and a spinning base.

How long do foreverspin tops spin?

These spinning tops will spin at different rates depending on your experience in spinning the top. It also will differ based on the material of the ForeverSpin you buy. The heavier it is, the longer it should spin for. 

That said, I think mine can spin for around 2 minutes, which is respectable, and I find I forget about it until it falls over and startles me.

Do foreverspin tops spin forever?

This seems like a common question that I see, and no… these spinning tops will not spin forever. I believe the Forever in ForeverSpin is referring more to the build quality, rather than the amount of time that the spinning top will spin.

How big are ForeverSpin tops?

Every ForeverSpin top is exactly the same size, and this is so that you are really able to tell the difference in each of the different 20 materials.

To be specific, the ForeverSpin tops are 1.4” tall, by 1.1” in diameter and they weigh between 9 grams, and 60 grams. So you can see the different materials really do make a huge difference in its weight, even though the dimensions are identical.

ForeverSpin mystery tops

If you have spent some time looking into ForeverSpin, I am sure you have bumped into the mystery ForeverSpin tops. These are special edition versions, where you can buy, or they come with an order for a specific time.

You basically don’t really know what material it is, but gives you an additional version to have in your collection that looks cool. The most recent one from the time of this writing was a cool purple style.


While ForeverSpin may not be for everyone out there, it is definitely a really cool item to have on your desk, and would be a great gift.

I enjoy getting to take my eyes off of the computer screen every once in a while, and this is such a great option to do that.

It also looks great on my desk, and gives me something I can constantly get better at over time.

If you want to buy one of these for yourself, this is a great place to buy one. They have a crazy expensive version if you really want one?

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