The 3 Different Fort Knox Hinge Options

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Unlike pretty much all imported safes, as well as many USA made gun safes, Fort Knox gives some great options for their array of safes. These include the Internal Hinge, External Hinge, and the specialized 2S Crane Hinge.

Having these options gives just one more option to allow for these safes to be perfect for any home.

1. Internal Hinge

The internal hinge is the standard option on every Fort Knox vault, however is not available on the Maverick series. The downside of many safes internal hinge style safes, is that  it is standard to leave a hole in the fire-board to allow for the hinge location.

However, on Fort Knox safes’ specific design, this has completely been resolved, so the fire rating is the same, whether it is an external, or internal hinge. Internal hinges are great for people that do not need the door to extend further than 90 degrees.

2. External Hinge

Many safes in the industry come standard with the external hinge, while it may not be standard on Fort Knox it is an option that comes at no added cost if chosen.

The external hinge allows for a full 180 degree rotation from the body of the safe, and gives a more industrial look. On the Fort Knox Maverick (On the list of best safes under $2000.00) the hinges come without the decorative hinge caps, although they can be added.

On all the vaults (Defender series and above) the hinge caps come standard with the external hinge upgrade.

One misunderstanding is that a door can be removed if the external hinges are cut off. This is completely incorrect, as the bolts keep the door connected to the safe, not the hinge.

Fort Knox Distressed Finish with Crane Hinge
Fort Knox Distressed Finish with Crane Hinge [Photo courtesy of Fort Knox]

3. 2S Crane Hinge

The 2S Crane Hinge is a relatively new addition to the lineup for Fort Knox, but the crane hinge itself is reminiscent of old bank vaults.

This option goes great with the available paint option distressed finish. This hinge can completely pull the door away from the safe, allowing for complete access to the safe without any hinderances from the door being in the way.

Crane Hinge closed
[Photo courtesy of Fort Knox]


As I mentioned, Fort Knox has 3 different options for hinges, the internal, external and the 2S Crane Hinge. All three are awesome, but I would personally choose the 2S Crane Hinge.

To learn more about Fort Knox, check out their products here!

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