Fort Knox Safes Review: Everything You Need To Know

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If you are on the hunt for a high quality, USA made, thick steel gun safe, then a Fort Knox safe might be just for you.

They offer a wide range of options, not only for aesthetics, but also including things like inner steel liners, fire upgrades, and so many other things. Meaning that you can make a Fort Knox exactly the way you want it, and probably unlike any other Fort Knox made.

1. Maverick Series

[Image courtesy of Fort Knox]

Base price: Ranges from around $1625 to $3132 depending on size of safe you purchase

The Maverick is the entry level safe for Fort Knox. It comes standard with an 11 gauge body and door, and 11 locking bolts.

It is also the only one that comes standard for less than the 90 minutes coming in at 75 minutes.

This safe also isn’t able to handle many of the upgrade options that the rest of the Ft Knox lineup is able to.

That said, don’t underestimate this safe, as it blows lost of the competition out of the water at its price point.

2. Defender Series

Base price: Ranges from $2706 – $7108 depending on size of safe you purchase

Fort Knox’s Defender series is the beginning of the real Fort Knox Safes. It comes in at a standard 10 gauge steel, 90 minute fire rating, and 13 locking bolts. The Defender is the first series to be upgradable to having stainless steel, AR500 ballistic steel, inner carbon steel liners,  a door organizer, and corner bolts.

3. Protector Series

Fort Knox 6031 with bright red finish
[Image courtesy of Fort Knox]

Base price: Ranges from around $3019 to $7108 depending on size of safe you purchase

The Protector series builds on everything that the Defender series did right, but upgrades the standard outer steel to 3/16″ steel instead of the 10 gauge.

The door organizer also becomes available as standard. At just a little bit more than the Defender, this is a great value!

4. Executive Series

Base price: Ranges from around $3900 to $7306 depending on size of safe you purchase

This series again picks up its game by having standard 1/4 steel and introduces the 5 to 1 gear ratio as standard to the safes.

5. Guardian Series

Base price: Ranges from around $4542 to $8596 depending on size of safe you purchase

The Guardian mixes up these vaults by making the corner bolts standard, the outer steel to 5/16″ , adds the star corner bolts, and inner steel liner as standard for this series an up! It also now has a combined bolt count of 20 bolts. This also is the first series to have the lights as a standard feature

6. Titan Series

Base price: Ranges from around $5940 to $10,853 depending on size of safe you purchase

While this series drops the standard inner steel liner as standard (still optional though) it more than makes up for it by making the ballistic steel AR500 inner liner as standard. It also ups the outer steel to 3/8″ steel and comes standard with a dehumidifier.

7. Legend Series

Base price: Ranges from around $15,268 to $19,364 depending on size of safe you purchase

The Fort Knox Legend series is the top of the line safe made by Fort Knox. This thing is insane with the 5 to 1 patented gear drive, 55 rack and pinion door, an awesome clear door panel, standard 1/4 carbon steel, has stainless steel, and AR500 ballistic steel. This thing is ridiculously heavy duty and one of the best looking safes on the market.

If you are looking to purchase one of the safes, make sure to find your local dealer at Fort Knox’s dealer locator.

Other Features of Fort Knox Safes

These safes are built from the ground up for you. From the bolt count, steel thickness, amount of inner steel (stainless steel, AR500 ballistic steel, standard carbon steel liners), paint, interior options, hinge options, door panels, mirrors, lighting, corner bolts and quite a bit more.

Fort Knox Vaults can be built in many different styles
On the left a two tone pain scheme, on the right the distressed finish (hint: Browning also has this now) and 2S crane hinge [Images courtesy of Fort Knox]

Explanation of options for Fort Knox Gun Safes

Stainless Steel Package

So you may be asking yourself, why would I need stainless steel on my gun safe. Isn’t normal steel good enough?

Well, one of the common ways for people to get into a gun safe is by cutting through it with either a grinder or a cutting torch. Stainless steel is known to dissipate heat easily, meaning it is much harder to use these methods to get through it.

Star Corner Bolts

You can learn a little bit more here, about why corner bolts are important on a safe. However Start Corner Bolts are a version of these bolts that are flat on the sides, and angular at the top. This gives a strong surface area, kinda like Liberty’s Military Style Locking Bolts (by the way, this is a great comparison between Fort Knox and Liberty).

5 to 1 Gear Drive

This gives the safe an old school style feel. Basically it means you spin the handle multiple times to open the safe, instead of a 1/4 turn or so.

It gives a more elegant feel to the safe.

Optional Left or Right Swing Door

This is decently self explanatory. You can choose to have the hinge on the left side (what you normally see) or the right side.

Inner Steel Liner

You can add more steel to the inside of the safe with this option. Example, on a Defender series that has 10 gauge steel, you would be adding an additional 10 gauge steel plate on the inside. You can add up to 4 of these 10 gauge steel liners.

It forms a kind of safe, within a safe. Meaning that once a thief gets through one plate of steel, they then have to get through a completely different one as well (that becomes more difficult as it isn’t as accessible).

Remember, safes are not impenetrable, but you are just buying yourself time.

ArmaKnox 3/16″ AR500 Liner

Yeah, this makes this safe bullet proof. It is a 7 gauge AR500 steel. This steel plate alone is able to handle 3 shots from a .44 magnum.

Remote Relocker

Quite a few manufacturers have these. Basically when a safe is tampered with, it will trip the relocker, making it impossible to force the safe open by the locking mechanism.

Carpeted Vault Pedestal

This option basically goes underneath of the safe and raises it up a couple inches. This can make things on the bottom of the safe easier to get, as well as if flooding happens, there are just a couple more inches for the water to get to.

Remember, safes for the most part, aren’t waterproof.

LED Light Package

This is a motion activated lighting system for the inside of the safe. Pretty standard, but really nice to have! It goes all the way around the doorway.

Door Organizer

Fort Knox has some of the best door organizers out there. They are high quality, and super functional.

These allow you to keep pistols on the doors, and tons of different firearm related accessories.

Finial Pull Handle

This adds a pull handle to the hinge side of the safe. Fort Knox doors are super heavy, and this gives you something to hang onto that isn’t a movable part like the spinning handle.


This will add a mirror to the top of the back of the safe. It makes the interior feel bigger, and reflects light to the back of the safe, allowing for easier access to the back.

Vault Drawer System

This drawer system turns the bottom of the safe into a jewelry drawer system. It is a very nice addition, but takes away pretty much all of the rifle storage.

If you are using this safe as more of a home safe, than a gun safe, this might be a great way to keep it organized and maximize the interior.


Again, pretty standard accessory. I always recommend having one of these in your safe.

Industry Leading Pistol Boxes

While not as well known as the full size safes and vaults, Fort Knox’s pistol boxes are of some of the greatest quality in the industry.

The Fort Knox Original (PB1) (you can buy it here), Personal (PB4), Auto (PB5) and the longer Shotgun (PB6) have a great non electronic push button locking for quick access. With some of the thickest steel in the pistol box industry, these are not to be ignored. For more info on these, check out this article!


Fort Knox continues to be one of my favorite brands of gun safes. They give so many options, and are built super well.

I always enjoy getting to have a product made specifically for me, and these guys are your best bet.

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