GunBox 2.0 Review: A Smart, RFID access Gun Safe

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The Gun Box 2.0 is the current generation of The Gun Box, that has followed the wildly popular original Gun Box that gained massive support on a big name crowd funding site.

The Gun Box 2.0 Packaing
This product is neatly packaged with no loose parts in the box. A good packaging experience so far.

With a great, appealing design, some awesome futuristic options that just weren’t present in the industry at that time. The original Gun Box was even able to connect to 3G networks (however, this became an issue when 3G networks saw their decline).

So how does the 2.0 stand up to the current competition, now that features like NFC, and Bluetooth have become a little mainstream? Well, I was able to get my hands on a Billet Grey 2.0 to check it out.

See my overall score, and the full review below.

GunBox 2.0


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The Gun Box First Impressions

When un-packaging the gun box for the first time, it gives a similar experience to opening an iPhone or Macbook. Everything has its place, and the packaging is obviously well thought out.

All of the accessories are inserted into the cut-foam in the packaging, and gives the impression of quality.

Once this futuristic looking pistol box is pulled out, it surprises you with the weight. After spending some time checking out the manufacturer’s website and videos, it can give the impression that it might be too lightweight. But this was not my experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had some heft to it.

From there, you get to open the box for the first time by either using one of the key fobs, or by using an included credit card style NFC tag.

Keep in mind that when the gun box is not plugged in, it is required to press down on the logo to get it to work. If it is plugged in, you only need to wave it over top of the logo.

Overall, my first impressions were great, and this really is a great product to use, and would look great in anyone’s home. It looks more like a computer, or something else other than storage for a firearm. This could be of great value in itself as a form of diversion safe.

Unlocking the GunBox 2.0 with RFiD Keycard

As you can see, the RFiD keycard unlock is very smooth and a great way to get quick access to your pistol or any other valuables you may have in there.

Main Downsides of The Gun Box 2.0

The first time I opened the unit, it didn’t pop open quickly. It opened slightly, then took its time to open up all the way. However, after the next time I used it, it was no longer an issue. I do have to point out, when I pulled out 2.0 to write this review, it did this again. This issue I’m sure has to do with the gas struts that are used, and may not be an issue for anyone else. Could be just this unit in particular.

Another downside is that you have to drill a couple holes in the bottom of the Gun Box to be able to bolt the safe to the table. Basically just have to get a drill bit and drill through the holes. I can, however, see how this would be a benefit to leave these holes if you never plan on bolting it down, but this is just an aesthetic issue.

The Gun Box 2.0 Gas Struts
The gas struts in this unit are of high quality.

The Gun Box 2.0 Aesthetics

The unit I received to review was the billet grey 2.0 model with biometric. I wish I had requested the keypad version, as I personally am not a huge fan of storing my fingerprint in something that connects to my phone.

The paint on this unit is very well done, and it has a bit of a texture to it. Everything feels solid and put together really well, and doesn’t feel like any corners were cut to make this product stand out from the rest (also, literally not many corners on this product; very sleek, round, futuristic design).

Once open, an LED shines down into the interior of the box for easy access of the firearm (or whatever valuables you put in it) within the container. This is definitely an important feature. You don’t want to be fumbling around trying to grab your firearm.

The interior rubber is of high quality, and there aren’t really any quality concerns of any form that I could point out.

A truly solid, well-made product – even down to the packaging.

The Gun Box 2.0 Key Fob and Locking Bar
The Gun Box 2.0 is locked with a locking bolt that is locked in place to the lid

Is the Gun Box 2.0 usable day to day?

This product is definitely of high quality, and I really think it’s a great product. I would probably recommend getting the keypad version, as fingerprint scanners tend to be of questionable quality, and longevity. This isn’t anything against the manufacturer, just my personal preference.

With the ability to bolt this down and with some ability to keep it more out in the open the Gun Box 2.0 is able to be placed in many easy access areas, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more!

This is definitely something that can be used day to day, and will last quite a while. Buyers will have fun figuring out their favorite way to open the unit (NFC, keypad, phone app or fingerprint, depending on model), as well as the best place to put it in your home.

Tip: If at all possible, keep the Gun Box 2.0 plugged in for quicker access. With it plugged in, the NFC tags will work without pressing the button. I’d also recommend checking out the manufacturer’s website on this. They have some pretty cool NFC rings available – stylish and practical. What more could you want?

This product differs from some of its competitors. It’s made of a 4mm aluminum, whereas other products in this category are made of standard steel. But don’t let this fool you. This product has some nice heft to it.

The 2.0 Top View
The 2.0 is a great looking unit, something not common in the pistol safe industry

Is the Gun Box 2.0 a good value?

There are some other competitors on the market that definitely give it a run for the money. However, the Gun Box 2.0 definitely can stand its own due the high quality materials and its aesthetic appearance. There really isn’t anything super comparable that is of lower price (unless we mention the Gun Box Echo). So I would definitely give this a good value rating in the mid $200 category.

If you want to purchase the Gun Box 2.0, jump on The Gun Box’s website.

If you have any questions on this unit, make sure to leave them in the comments below! Always happy to answer your questions.

Please note, this GunBox 2.0 was sent out to me as a review unit from GunBox, all opinions are my own.

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