Fort Knox 7241 in dark red finish

Top 5 Safes That Open From The Left [USA Made]

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If you are reading this article, you likely have been hunting down a gun safe that is able to have the hinges on the left hand side of the safe, and you are able to open it swinging to the left. 

Unfortunately most gun safes on the market today are not able to have that functionality, as they are either imported with the hinge on the right side, and can’t be converted, or if it is a USA made gun safe they just don’t offer that as an option.

Below is a list of gun safe manufacturers that I have found that are able to have left swing, left hinge doors.

1. Fort Knox

Fort Knox 7241 in dark red finish
[Image courtesy of Fort Knox]

Fort Knox has long been one of my favorite gun safe manufacturers out there. This is mainly due to their massive amount of customizations they allow right up front. 

That said, a left hand hinge is a normal thing for Fort Knox, and is even easily customizable on their website builder without even a phone call needing to be made.

Make sure to read through this article before ordering to make sure you know which style you would prefer.

Thankfully this is also not an additional cost, so anyone can customize their safe the way they want with no issues.

2. Sun Welding Safes

This USA made gun safe manufacturer is the only one that I have found that actually has the left side hinge as the standard option, rather than the right sided hinge.

From what I have found, the reasoning behind this is because the founder believed that it is in fact better to have the door swing to the left, because most of the population is right-handed, meaning they should be able to open the safe with their left hand, and reach for the firearm and get it quickly with their dominant right hand.

Regardless, you can choose either the left or right hinge side for no extra cost!

3. Vault Pro

While you may not be able to actually customize the safe on their website, Vault Pro (much like Fort Knox, or even more so) you are able to completely customize your safe to exactly your liking.

I have also seen on some retailer websites the option to change sides, so I know it is there, and it appears at no added cost.

Either way, I would recommend giving them a call to see what that would look like.

4. Champion Safes

After spending some time trying to see if there were any other manufacturers that are able to do this, I did stumble upon someone saying that Champion Safes is able to make a left swing door safe happen.

This doesn’t shock me at all though, as all of Champion Safes are custom built right here in the USA, and are quality, great safes.

Because of these factors, Champion should be able to make that adjustment for you easily.

5. American Security

Now I was a little more surprised about this one. I saw somewhere that American Security is able to have this function. I’m assuming only their USA made gun safes, and only special order, but if you really want an Amsec safe with a left swing door, I would give them a call!

Why would you need a left swing, left hinge door?

There are quite a few reasons someone would need a left hinge door.

Space constraints

This is probably the main reason most people will opt for a left swing door. If you have to nudge your safe up against a wall on the right side of a room it makes it difficult to open your door all the way, without the door handle hitting that wall, or just the inability to open it all the way.

However if it is on the right wall, but left hinged, you can easily swing the door open as far as you want without hitting a wall.

Double Safes

Owning two safes next to each other is probably the next most common reason for having a safe with the hinge on the opposite side.

Some people will buy two of the same safe, and put them up right next to each other. When this is done, you generally want them to swing opposite directions to kinda give a “french door” style of feel. It will end up looking like a Snapsafe Titan XL in the end, just with two safes instead of one.

More comfortable opening

Some people may just want their door to open the opposite way from standard just because it feels better for them.


Regardless of the reason you need a safe with the door swinging from the left side, there aren’t many options out there right now. However the options that are there, are great options! 

Fort Knox is my personally first choice, as they make some amazing safes. They are even near the top of the list for safes made in the USA overall!

However you really can’t go wrong with any of the other choices, as they are all backed by great companies with great reputations.

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