Half Bumper, Half Grill: It’s the Grumper

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Have you ever looked at your truck, and thought just a standard off-road bumper, and an aftermarket grill just aren’t enough.

Have you ever wanted to make your truck look completely different than anything else on the road?

You need a Grumper. No, you don’t need a to BE grumpy. You need a Grumper.

If you take a moment, you’ll realize that is a half grill, have bumper in one compenent, and Fab Fours makes it.

This thing is incredible! If you are looking to be completely different than every other off-roader out there, this will definitely set you apart.

There is a Chevy 3500 that shows up in town every once in a while that has this, and I must say, it is impressive.

You can even find this, along with some other awesome off-road bumpers in this article here!


You probably should just go ahead and buy it at the link below.

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