Camper Shells and weight: How much weight can a canopy hold?

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There are plenty fo reasons you would want to put something on top of your camper shell (aka topper or canopy). This can range from wanting to put a roof rack on, a roof top tent, or just to tie something to to the top of the vehicle. However weight is an obvious concern when doing this!

So how much weight can a camper shell hold? Most shells carry up to 400 pounds, but smaller ones may hold less than 200 pounds. They hold gear such as luggage and other items for camping trips. The weight of the load they carry depends on the type of vehicle they are mounted on and how much their cylinder bar can handle when extended out over the truck’s cab.

How much weight can a camper shell hold?

A camper shell can hold a large amount of weight. Most can hold up to 300 pounds, but some models can carry 400 pounds or more. This is usually distributed so that the person in the back seat doesn’t sit on the roof.

Even though most truck campers are relatively light, there is still a chance they could fall off the rack if not properly attached. The proper way to secure it is by measuring its length and width, then deciding which type of tie-down will work best for your specific model.

After attaching everything correctly, it should be stable enough to drive at speeds up to 55 miles per hour. You may want to take extra care when driving through rough terrain or high winds, as these can cause your camper to sway and pose a risk of falling.

Since there are so many different types, you must measure the dimensions of your truck bed before purchasing one. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting a model that will fit securely on your vehicle

Can you put a rooftop tent on a camper shell?

Yes, most campers with shells opt to add a rooftop tent for convenience purposes. You can easily attach your rooftop tent to the shell in less than an hour, but you will need to make sure there is enough space between your roof and camper so that it does not damage either one.

A rooftop tent (like this budget minded one here) can be a great way to enjoy camping with a group of friends instead of needing a bunch of separate tents. However, you might be wondering if it is possible to install a rooftop tent on a camper shell. The good news is that there are ways to attach your rooftop tent to your truck or SUV’s hard or softcover.

You need to consider some things when determining whether the attachment method will work for you and what product would work best for your needs. First, consider how much room you have around the base of your truck bed. If there isn’t any space between the cab and where the camper shell starts, it will not fit this attachment system.

A cradling system provides more room for the base, as long as you have a roof rack or other framework to attach it to. You also need to consider how much weight you will be putting on your truck bed. If your camper shell has a hardcover, you can safely load up to 500 pounds on top of the bed itself.

However, this is unsafe if you have a softcover and should only be used under specific circumstances. Keep in mind that adding too much weight may damage your camper shell over time with any setup.

Can you put two bikes on a camper shell?

It depends on what size of bike they are, where they are placed on the shell, and how much weight is currently being carried by your truck.

Generally speaking, most bikes are light enough that a camper shell will have no problem at all holding the bikes without causing damage! However some bikes that you should take care with are e-bikes, as these tend to be considerably heavier and might tip over the point of causing damage if you add too many of them to the top.

To do so, we recommend getting some roof rails like these ones right here, and of course the vertical bike rack like this one.

Are there any camper shells that can handle more weight than others?

If you would like extra support for all of your belongings, you should look into a heavy-duty camper shell designed to carry heavier loads.

Some trucks and their shells are built to hold up to 700 pounds or even more. A camper shell with added crossbars is very sturdy and will most likely be able to handle whatever load you need it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put anything on top of a soft topper?

Soft toppers are an up and coming style of topper, however they do not offer the capability of placing something on top of them. Due to their non-ridged design, they don’t have the strength to be able to hold anything with any considerable weight. It’s best to just leave that alone.

How long can you keep something on top of your truck canopy?

As long as the canopy or topper is able to handle the weight initially, you should have no problem leaving it there indefinitely! That said, I don’t recommend leaving items on their long terms as they are not well secured, and weather has a way of causing damage to anything you put up there.


Overall, as long as your camper is rated for 500 pounds or less, you should be fine.

This means that if your truck can currently carry 1000 pounds and your things weigh 500 pounds, you can attach your camper shell and be just fine. If you need something capable of handling more weight than this, ask about the different options offered by your truck camper dealer.

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