How to make coffee without a coffee maker

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So your coffee maker has broken, and now you can’t make coffee to start off your day! What do you do?

I guess you could always just not drink coffee… but what if there was another way? You can make coffee without a coffee maker!

How to make coffee without a coffee maker
Mmmmmm coffee

Growing up, my mother always made coffee as a cowboy coffee style. Essentially you boil coffee grounds until it spills over and makes a mess on the stove, then you spray a little cold water on top (to make the coffee grounds sink)and serve.

Well, I have in the past used this method, but a little bit cleaner! See below for how I handled this situation back when my Keurig broke.

Step 1

Find a container that can handle boiling water. I used one of those large mugs, but a pot will work as well.

Large mug to make coffee in
Great representation of the size of mug I would use for this method (just kidding!… tough crowd)

Step 2

Boil some water, and then let set for a minute or so.

Step 3

Put desired amount of coffee grounds into that container.

Step 4

Pour hot water on top of the container and let it extract for 4 minutes.

Step 5

Dribble a little bit of cold water on top to let the grounds settle to the bottom.

Step 6

Serve your coffee, make sure to pour the remainder of the coffee into another sealed container so it doesn’t over-extract and make it bitter.


This by no means is the best way to make coffee, and having a pour over set up, French Press, or an Aeropress as backup is a much better situation than this.

However, this does work! It makes a coffee that tastes similar to what I have found out of a French Press.

Alright, well, now after writing this article, I will now probably not be taken seriously by anyone in the coffee industry (yay!).

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