The Tactical Walls Issue Box Review: Is it worth it?

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Product Review: Issue Box
The Issue Box looks great from any angle.

Diversion products are nothing new. In the past, products have ranged from wall safes, floor safes, shelves, mirrors, and more. Tactical Walls has taken this to a new level and accessibility.

The Issue Box (pun intended) is a quick access pistol box that can be within reach of the user while relaxing on the couch, while also being concealed from a home invasion.

The Tactical Walls Issue Box is very simply a tissue box that was built to conceal a standard sized pistol underneath a box of tissues inside of a foam insert.

This insert can be customized to fit any size pistol that has dimensions under the foam insert’s size of 10.5″ length x 6.5″ width x 1.25″ depth. It is recommended to make sure to account for about a 1/4″ buffer on all sides to make sure the insert isn’t cut all the way through.

Issue Box Product Review Video

I put together a quick video product review of the Issue Box, but if you’re looking for more specific info, make sure to read the full review below.

Overall Product Rating

Overall, I give this product 4 out of 5 stars. See the in-depth product review below for more information.

Product Review 4 out of 5

Issue Box Aesthetics

Tactical Walls Issue Box
The Issue Box comes with a base, the foam insert, tissues, and the top piece.

The Issue Box is built from a wood grain colored plastic.

I believe Tactical Walls recently changed the color, if a site shows a lighter color than what shows on the official Tactical Walls site, then you will receive something darker than expected.

Overall, it does look like a real dark stained wood, and is overall appealing and would fit in well with a modern style home.

It is a bit of a light weight product. It would be recommended to find a spot that is best suited for quick access.

Tip: Use some double sided tape on the bottom of the box, to make sure the whole unit isn’t lifted up when trying to access the box.

Usability of Gun Concealment Tissue Box

This diversion product is very simple and very quick access. The top of the issue box just needs pulled up along with the tissue container (measuring 8.875″ x 4.625″ x 2″) to reveal the pistol and be pulled out.

There aren’t any locks, and this is not meant to be a secure container. So if there are children in the home, this probably isn’t for you. However, it hides the firearm well, and offers quick access for home intrusions.

Is the Issue Box a Good Value?

Tissues in the Tactical Walls Issue Box
This product gives quick access to the contents of the box.

At around $50.00, this product is not a huge investment to conceal your guns or other items, like knives, cigars, or other interesting and humorous items.

If this is how it is used, it can be a great conversation starter.

Please don’t use this as a conversation piece if there is a firearm in it.

This also has the added value of giving easy access to tissues, so there is always that!

Considering what some people pay for just normal tissue box covers, this multi-use unit is a great value for the price and novelty.

Can’t beat the combination of style and gun concealment.

Variant Options

Tactical Walls recently launched a variant of the Issue Box that includes a custom cut foam that contains a flask, lighter, cigar tube, and a cigar cutter. This would be a great gift for many men.

Product Review Summary for Issue Box

Overall, this product does exactly what it is meant to do, and that is to conceal. I am going to give the Issue Box a solid 4 out of 5 stars rating! I really do recommend this product, and many people will see great value in it.

What works

  • Ease of access
  • Aesthetics
  • Diversion
  • Sheer coolness factor: This is a cool product, and especially if it is used to hide funny things like cigars, it can be quite the conversation piece

Main Downsides

  • Material seems to be lacking a bit in quality; could be heavier
  • Can be a little difficult to get the top piece off without the base being stuck to the bottom (but our tape tip above should help with that)

To check out other reviews, make sure to take a look at my product review page!

Tactical Walls also has In-Wall Safes that are definitely worth a look.

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